Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Price

Mobile concrete batching plant price, with the hot selling of mobile concrete batching equipment, has become a topic most discussed by buyers and investors. Mobile concrete batching plant is a type of concrete batching manufacturing machinery equipped on one ore two mobile units, such as a trailer, a truck chassis, a crawler and so on.

Benefited from these transportable methods and compact modular designing, mobile concrete batching plant can be easily assembled and disassembled on many construction sites, providing high-efficiency and time-saving concrete producing process.

With obvious advantages of mobile concrete batching plant, including high mobility, high efficiency, small occupation, fast installation and easy operation etc., mobile concrete batching plant price is usually higher than stationary concrete batching plant with same configuration and producing capacity, generally ranging from $35,000 to $155,000, according to the production capacity range from 25m3/h to 100m3/h. Certainly, customization is optional according to the special requirement.

Hot Models And Prices of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

mobile concrete batching plant for sale

Model: YHZS25
Production Capacity: 18-25m3/h
Power Supply: 380V/50HZ, 3Phase
Mixer Machine: JZM500 Drum Type
Discharge height: 1.1m
Mixing Period: 50-60s

Price: $35,000~$48,000

YHZS35 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

YHZS35 Small Portable Concrete Batching Plant

Production Capacity: 35m3/h
Batching Machine: PLD1200
Discharge height: 1.7-3.8m
Max. Aggregate Size: 80mm
Twin-shaft Mixer: JS750

Price: $40,000~$55,000

YHZS75 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

HZS75 Plant is working on site

Production Capacity: 50m3/h
Batching Machine: PLD1600
Discharge height: 3.8m
Max. Aggregate Size: 80/60mm
Twin-shaft Mixer: JS1000

Price: $87,000~$120,000

YHZS60 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

60m3 mobile concrete bath plant

Production Capacity:60m3/h
Batching Machine: PLD1600
Discharge height: 3.8m
Max. Aggregate Size: 80mm
Twin-shaft Mixer: JS1000

Price: $52,000~$80,000

YHZS90 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

90m3 dry concrete plant

Production Capacity: 90m3/h
Batching Machine: 3×12m3
Discharge height: 3.8m
Max. Aggregate Size: 80mm
Twin-shaft Mixer: JS1500

Price: $103,000~$155,000

FHZS100 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

LTF-100 Free-foundation Concrete Batching Plant

Production Capacity: 100m3/h
Batching Machine: 4×15m3
Discharge height: 4.1m
Max. Aggregate Size: 80mm
Twin-shaft Mixer: JS2000

Price: $235,300~$280,000

The Main Factors Affecting Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Price

The same as other types of concrete batching plant, the main factors affecting mobile concrete batching plant price are as following items:

Different brands of mobile concrete batching plants price various. Famous manufacturers price relatively higher because of the outstanding product quality, reliable assurance, thoughtful after-sale service, etc..
So, if you like the all-round high-quality experience brought by big brands, do not pay too much attention to the higher price.

Mobile concrete batching plant in Srilanka

For the same model of mobile concrete batching plant, different configurations lead to different prices. Take the mix machines as an example, designers will choose different types of mixer for different applications. Twin-shaft horizontal mixing machine, pan type mixing machine, planetary mixing machine, drum mixing machine are all optional.

3.Production Capacity
Production capacity is an important factor affecting mobile concrete batching plant price. Generally speaking, the more the production capacity is, the higher the price is.

4.Application Area
Different applications also affect the price of mobile concrete batching plant. Especially for the special applications, customization is unavoidable, which means more special details, more designing time, more special material, and even more producing technology. All the above means more producing cost, which leads to higher price.

5.Mobile Unite Type
There are different types of mobile unites in Mobile concrete batching plant, including trailer chassis, truck chassis, crawler, etc. Of course, the cost of these mobile unite are various. That is also depended on the application areas.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant and Concrete Mixer Truck

6.Material Quality
We all want a steady and stable batching plant with long service life for our projects. That means the structure materials are crucial. Good material with high quality deserve higher price.

7.Local Market Situation
At last, the price goes up and down following the fluctuations of supply-demand situation. When the amount of supplying is larger than that of demanding, the price will go down; oppositely, when the amount of demanding is larger than that of supplying, the price will go up.

Certainly, there are also other aspects affecting mobile concrete batching plant price. For more details about the price of certain model, you are welcome to contact LUTON GROUP to get professional information.


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small mobile concrete batching plant
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