Mobile Concrete Pump for Sale

Luton mobile concrete pump for sale is used to pump the concrete for construction project. It includes truck-mounted concrete pump and concrete boom pump truck.They have features of efficiency, easy to move, as well as save labor cost.

Two Hot Types of Mobile Concrete Pump for Sale

Concrete Boom Pump Truck Models

Concrete boom pump truck include small concrete boom truck, large concrete boom truck and concrete mixer boom pump truck.

Small Concrete Boom Truck Models

Max.theo.concrete output40m3/h
Max.concrete pumping pressure10MPa
Vertical height of boom15.4M
Radius of place concrete13-16M
Leg open width5.5M
Diesel engine modelWeichai WP4G110E220
Engine power82KW
Travelling diesel engine power32HP
Max.theo.concrete output50m3/h
Max.concrete pumping pressure10MPa
Vertical height of boom22M
Radius of place concrete20M
Leg open width5.5M
Diesel engine modelWeichai WP4G110E220
Engine power82KW
Travelling diesel engine power32HP

Big Concrete Boom Truck Models

concrete boom pump price
Drive Mode6×46×46×46×46×46×48×48×4
Folded form4Z4Z5RZ5RZ6RZ6RZ6RZ6RZ
Boom vertical height30m38m40m47m50m52m56m57.1m
Boom horizontal length25m33.5m35.6m42.7m44.3m46.3m50.9m52.1m
Maximum theoretical
pumping capacity (m3/h)

Concrete Mixer Boom Truck Models

ItemsLT5216THB 21
Axle base3.8M
Max. Speed<30km/h
Engine ModeStraight 6 Cylinder
Hose length3M
Form4 Section Hydraulic Fold
Platform Rotation360°
Spreading Width4.79M
Length*Width* height10.35*2.5*3.3M

Truck-mounted Concrete Pump Models

Truck-mounted Concrete Mixer Pump Models

Concrete output50m3/h
Pump pressure9Mpa
Main Motor Power45kw
Mixer ModelJS500
Main Oil Pump Model112L
Pumping hopper volume400mm
Feeding height of pumping hopper1500mm
Max. aggregate diameter (mm)Gravel 40 / Pebble 50

Truck-mounted Concrete Trailer Pump Models

Maximum Theoretical Concrete Output
(Low/High Pressure)
Aggregate Size (mm)Pebble≤50, Gravel≤40
Power 186kw
Type Of Distribution ValveS Valve
Fuel Tank Capacity 300(L)
Hopper Capacity 0.6(m³)
Filling Height (mm)1480mm
Hydraulic System Pressure32(Mpa)

Other Types of Mobile Concrete Pump for Sale

The other mobile concrete pump for sale include concrete trailer pump and concrete mixer pump.They are mounted on the frame with two wheels, and can be pulled by a vehicle or several crews to move between job sites.

Concrete Trailer Pump
Concrete Mixer Pump

Mobile Concrete Trailer Pumps Models

Concrete trailer pumps is another type of mobile concrete pump for sale, it mainly include diesel concrete trailer pump, electric concrete trailer pump and concrete mixer pump. The concrete trailer pump for sale in Luton has but not limited to theses types: HBTS 40, HBTS 60, HBTS 80.

diesel trailer pump

Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump

electric trailer pump

Electric Concrete Trailer Pump

Mobile Concrete Mixer Pump Models

The concrete mixer pump is also one type of mobile concrete pump for sale, it has but not limited to JBS 30D, JBS40D.

Max. Output capacity (m³/h)3040
Mixer rated feed capacity ( m³ )0.560.56
Electrical engineering power (kw)3745
Capacity of oil tank260370

Why Choose the Mobile Concrete Pump?

The mobile concrete pump for sale has the following features during the construction:

Electrical System: The whole machine is controlled by PLC programmable computer. The control circuit is equipped with wireless remote control, which is convenient to operation the mobile concrete pump.

Pumping System: The pumping system adopts double cylinder full hydraulic pumping, which improves the working efficiency and reduces the failure rate.

S-shaped Distribute Valve: It is equipped with floating wear ring, which automatically compensates for wear, has good sealing performance, and improves work efficiency and reduces maintenance costs.

Reversing System: It adopts electric and hydraulic control commutation, with sensitive response and good stability.

High Outlet Pressure: The horizontal transportation can reach 400 ~ 500 meters, and the vertical transportation can reach 150 ~ 180 meters, which can meet the transportation requirements of high-rise buildings and long-distance construction.

Cooling System: The hydraulic oil cooling adopts the oil-air cooler cooling system, which has large cooling power, ensuring that the working oil temperature of the hydraulic system is controlled below 60 ℃, avoiding the limitation of the water-cooled radiator connecting to the water source, which is convenient for construction and easy to move the equipment.

Hydraulic Oil Circuit: The open hydraulic system is adopted to improve the reversing speed and efficiency.

Reverse Pump Function: Automatic pressure protection is adopted to reduce pipe blockage, improve work efficiency and prolong pipe service life.

Hydraulic Oil Tank: Large volume hydraulic oil tank is adopted, which extends the oil change cycle of hydraulic oil and reduces the maintenance cost.

Mixing Device: Reliable sealing makes it not easy to leak; The mixing blade has a reasonable structure and can be applied to a variety of concrete proportioning.

Vibrating Screen: The hopper adopts an integrated vibrating screen, which is simple and convenient to replace and clean, and the mesh density and shape are optimized.

Characteristics of Mobile Concrete Pump for Sale

The mobile concrete pump for sale has the following features in the process of operation:

It has characteristics such as high mechanization, less labor required and simple construction organization.

The transportation and pouring of concrete is continuous, with high construction efficiency and fast project progress.

The pumping process has strict requirements on the concrete quality, which can be said to be a test of the concrete quality. Because the pumping is continuous, the concrete is not easy to separate and the slump is not serve during the pumping process, so the project quality is guaranteed.

Remote control can ensure the safety of operation and reduce the danger in the construction process.

The construction operation has strong adaptability and wide operation range. The concrete delivery pipeline can not only be laid to the designated place, but also make the concrete fill and pour in place under a certain pressure. It can also connect the pumps in series to increase the transportation distance and height to meet various construction requirements.

The mutual interference with other construction machinery is very small, so other construction operations can be carried out near the delivery pipe while pumping.

Excellent Mobile Concrete Pump Manufacturer – Luton Group

As an advanced manufactures and suppliers of concrete pumps in China, LUTON GROUP has built close business relationships with lots of famous enterprises including China Railway, China State Construction, and China Hydropower.

Owning over 20 years experience of manufacturing concrete pumps, Luton has exported its products to more than 100 countries in the world including concrete trailer pumps, concrete truck mounted pumps, concrete boom pumps and concrete mixer pumps, and it has committed to supplying the best concrete pumps and considerate services for customers.

Luton Group, your good business partner! It’s wise to choose Luton’s concrete pumps. The Luton mobile concrete pump for sale is featured by compact structure, convenient operation, small size and strong mobility, you deserve it. Take action immediately.

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