Portable Concrete Mixer Pump

In today’s society, with the rapid development of urban and rural, construction projects put forward higher requirements for construction progress and quality.

As a basic building material, concrete production and transportation are required to be simple, efficient, accurate and convenient. For this purpose, portable concrete mixing pump combining transporting, mixing and other function emerge in market.

After continuous innovation and upgrading, the technology of portable concrete mixer pump in the construction machinery market is now very mature, which can meet the actual needs of various engineering sites, like flyover projects, bridge and tunnel construction, subway and airport projects, as well as residential house building, etc..

It is simple to operate, compact in structure and complete in functions. It is an efficient and convenient concrete equipment.

What Is A Portable Concrete Mixer Pump?

A portable concrete mixer pump here refers to the small and mobile pump machine, which integrates feeding, mixing, pumping and transporting multiple functions in one mobile unit to realize one-step concrete manufacturing and conveying.

Different from other concrete pumps, the biggest highlight of this kind pump is the addition of the concrete mixer machine. Some of the mixers are drum type mixers. And some of them are twin shaft horizontal mixers.

These two mixers have different characteristics and performances. The former is fast and efficient, while the latter has high mixing quality. The two mixer can meet different concrete mixing requirements of various construction projects.

What’s more, in order to better adapt to the actual energy supply situation on the project site, like other concrete pumps, portable concrete mixer pump, is also equipped with two different power systems: diesel and electric power systems.

Diesel engine system is powerful, economical and practical, especially suitable for construction sites with insufficient power supply in remote areas.

Meanwhile, electric motor has a compact structure, stable performance, low noise and environmental protection.

Both of them have been widely used in practical engineering.

Hot Models of Portable Concrete Mixer Pump For Sale

Next, let’s take LUTON products as an example to briefly introduce several hot models of portable concrete mixer pumps in the market.

LUTON Drum Type Diesel Portable Concrete Mixer Pump

This Model is one of the hottest concrete trailer pumps.

Equipped with a powerful diesel power system and flexible pipeline arrangement, this drag pump can transport concrete raw materials to almost any target location in a narrow construction site.

Its pumping capacity is strong and the pumping range is wide, usually reaching as far as 500 meters horizontal distance and as high as 120 meters vertical distance.

The mobile unit is based on a trailer chassis with wear-resistant tires, which can take the whole system walking around the working sites.

Parameter of Drum Type Diesel Portable Concrete Mixer Pump

& Parameter
Mainoil PumpMainpump
Capacity (m3/h)
Diesel EngineControl SystemPLCPumping
Price Range
JBS30-10-66RJinda71 30Yuxing66KWSchneiderOmron400m/120m$24,000
~ $26,000
JBS40-10-82RKawasaki11240Weichai 82KWSchneiderOmron500m/160m$34,000
~ $36,000

LUTON Drum Type Electric Portable Concrete Mixer Pump

The drum type concrete mixing pump equipped with electric power system has simple and compact structure, stable and reliable performance, easy operation system, as well as simple maintenance. With low noise and air pollution, it is an economical and practical portable concrete mixing pump products.

Parameter of Drum Type Electric Portable Concrete Mixer Pump

Model & ParameterMainoil pumpMain pump
Output Capacity (m3/h)Electric EngineControl SystemPLCPumping
Price Range
JBS30-10-37Jinda71 3037KWSchneiderOmron400m/160m$18,000
~ $20,000
~ $21,000

LUTON Twin-shaft Portable Concrete Mixer Pump

The twin-shaft type portable concrete mixer pump is recognized as one of the best concrete production equipment in the market.

Its horizontal mixing shaft design can lift the concrete material, and then make the concrete fall down by gravity, and stir during the falling process.

So that the sand and fine materials can be fully contacted and mixed with the mortar.

In this way, the mixing is more thorough and uniform, and the concrete produced is of higher quality.

Parameter of LUTON Diesel Concrete Twin-shaft Mixer Pump Trailer

& Parameter
Mainoil pumpMainpump
Capacity (m3/h)
Electric EngineControl SystemPLCPumping
Price Range
~ $42,000
~ $44,000

Parameter of LUTON Electric Trailer Concrete Twin-shaft Mixer Pump

& Parameter
Mainoil PumpMain Pump
Capacity (m3/h)
Electric EngineControl SystemPLCPumping
JBS40B-JS500Kawasaki1124045kWSchneiderOmron500m/120m$25,000~ $29,000
JBS40B-JS750Kawasaki1124045kWSchneiderOmron500m/120m$42,000~ $44,000

All pump machines can be customized according to the actual requirement of each unique construction project.
If you are looking for an ideal portable concrete mixer pump for your investment or project, it is strongly recommended to contact the professional consultant of the manufacturer.

They will use the most professional knowledge to help you recommend the most suitable model according to your specific needs and actual situation.

This will be the strongest guarantee of your project’s success.

How Far Can A Portable Concrete Mixer Pump Concrete

The pumping distance is one of the most important specification, which directly reflect the pump capacity of the pump machine. How far can a mobile concrete mixer pump concrete?

Normally, the horizontal distance is about 500m and the vertical height is up to 120m.

There are many factors that determine the pumping distance of a concrete mixing pump.

The first one is the maximum pumping pressure of a concrete mixing pump. It is the direct factor that determines the farthest pumping height and horizontal distance.

For example, in 2016, the ultra-high pressure concrete pump produced by Zoomlion successfully pumped C70 concrete to the top floor of Changsha International Finance Center, the tallest building in Hunan with a total height of 452 meters. The maximum pumping pressure of this pump is 48MPa.

Secondly, the performance of concrete is also an important factor affecting the pumping distance. For the same mixing pump, concrete with low strength can be pumped farther than concrete with high strength. This is because different strengths cause changes in the fluidity of concrete. The better the flow, the less pumping pressure is required.

Manufacturers are constantly pushing the limits of the furthest pumping distances. At present, the farthest known pumping distance has reached more than 2000 meters, but the strength of the pumped concrete is relatively low.

In the future, with the continuous improvement of pumping technology, the record of pumping distance of concrete mixing trailers may still be broken again, looking forward to that day.

What Types Of Pumps Are Best For Concrete

Actually, types of concrete pump equipment is various with their unique characteristics.

In addition to portable concrete mixer pump, there are also many popular pumping equipment that play irreplaceable roles in modern engineering and construction industry.

First of all, concrete pump trailer.

Although not as versatile as an agitator pump, it maximizes its pumping capacity without the agitator unit. As mentioned above, the pumping distance of a linear drag pump is unmatched by any other type of pump. The small size of the drag pump contains a lot of energy. If you already have a separate mixing equipment, a drag pump is definitely your best choice.

Concrete line pump trailer is one of the most popular concrete pumping equipment, which often appears in construction sites of various scales, such as 5-10-storey civil residential projects, road and bridge construction, airport and subway projects, and water conservancy facilities construction, etc.

Second, concrete pump truck.

Due to the more powerful mobile unit, the application scope of the concrete pump truck is no longer limited to a small area of the construction site, but can reach long-distance or even remote areas for operation. Greater mobility and wider application range.

Concrete pump truck is widely used in various areas including rural construction, residential quarters, stadiums, overpass construction, airports, subway tunnels, etc.

In addition, concrete boom pump.

Concrete boom pump with highly automatic boom arm is one the most efficient pump truck.
It has high construction efficiency, fast work progress, high degree of mechanization, easier automatic operation, stable performance, stable structure, strong environmental adaptability, and is an expert in high-altitude concrete operations.

However, compared with the trailer pump, the pumping height of the pump truck is limited by the length of the boom.

Concrete boom pump is suitable for high-raise building, flyover and highway constructions, railway and subway station projects, as well as concrete pouring for factory buildings and different foundation buildings.

Different concrete equipment has its own characteristics and advantages, and each has its own application field. Hopefully you can find the best concrete pumping equipment that really fits.

For more details, you are welcome to contact Lutong. We will provide you with professional richer resources and professional services.