Ready Mix Concrete Pump

What Is A Ready Mix Concrete Pump?A Ready Mix Concrete Pump, shortly called a RMC Pump, is a series of equipment used for pumping ready mix concrete, which can conveys concrete materials swiftly through pipes to various project sites by continuously high pumping pressure.

Ready Mix Concrete is a kind of common construction material that is mixed by stones, sand, cement, water and addictive in precise proportion. Before used on site, the mixture is already done by a concrete mixer.

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diesel concrete trailer pump

Model: Concrete Trailer Pumps

Capacity: 30-88m3/h

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concrete mixer truck

Model: Concrete Mixer Pump

Capacity: 30-40m3/h

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concrete line pump for sale

Model: Concrete Line Pump Truck

Capacity: 30-88m3/h

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concrete pump truck

Model: Concrete Boom Pump

Capacity: 13m-62m

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Why Pump Ready Mix Concrete?

Benefit from high efficient working method of the pump, ready mix concrete can be directly used in projects.

Ready mix concrete pump perfectly meets the high efficient productivity of modern construction industry.

Compared with other traditional concrete conveying methods, ready mix concrete pump with many advantages can save your time, money, energy, etc..

  • Multiple functions integrated in one, no need of extra equipment.
  • Simple operation and automatic control, no needs of too many labors.
  • High efficient pumping method shorten working time.
  • Flexible Equipment installation and transportation cut down time cost.
  • Concrete is conveyed in a set of sealed high pressure pipes and guided to a precise area. So in this way, the concrete consumption in conveying process is much lower than other methods.
  • Concrete Pump is equipped with a diesel engine or an electric motor as the energy source. The two driving source are both high efficient. Combined with hydraulic power system, RMC pumps are not only powerful, but energy-saving.

All in all, ready mix concrete pump is inborn for high efficiency and flexible modern construction. They will doubtlessly bring more and more profit returns for investors.

Ready Mix Concrete Pump Price

Such an excellent pumping equipment is certainly popular with customers. But the most important thing for purchasers is the price.

LUTON ready mix concrete pump prices from $18,000 to $450,000, which is mainly depended on the types, the output capacities, the configurations and so on.

TypesStationary RMC PumpRMC Mixer PumpMobile RMC PumpRMC Boom Pump
Price range$18,000
~ $38,000
~ $44,000
~ $95,000
$110,000 ~$450,000

Stationary RMC Pumps and Mixer Pumps usually featured with small or medium scale price relatively lower.

Mobile RMC Pumps price higher than stationary ones mainly because of their convenient tow units unavailable to later.

Boom Pumps are the most expensive equipment meanwhile they are also the most efficient equipment. The highlight of boom pumps is the robot arm that can be smoothly operated to certain precise point on site remotely. The complex design and accurate electric control deserve the prices.

Therefore, if you want to invest in a Ready Mix Concrete pump, just a single pump price is not enough. So it is wise to take all these factors below in consideration when choosing your suitable RMC Pump.

  • Brands and manufacturers
  • Application areas
  • Shipping and Transportation
  • Local policies
  • Local market and economic conditions
  • Daily maintenance and repair cost
  • Accessories costs

Want more help with your investment? LUTON Group is always sincerely providing professional service and information for your inquiring. Welcome to contact us for more details about concrete pump price.

Selection Guide of LUTON RMC Pumps

LUTON Ready Mix Concrete Pump products cover wide range of output capacity from 10m3/h to 90m3/h, which are also classified into two categories, line pump and boom pump.


Line Pump, just as the name implies that it conveys ready mix concrete through various pipelines connected with the pump outlet. With simple structure and compact configuration, ready concrete line pump is more suitable for small and medium scales construction jobs.

This type of pump features with high pumping capacity. The maximum pump distance of LUTON products is up to about 150m vertically and 1000m horizontally.

The selection of pipelines is according to aggregate sizes, material types, pumping distances and directions, as well as pumping pressures, etc.. Get more details on selection of pipelines, welcome to contact with our professional consultants.

LUTON RMC Line Pumps are all provided plenty of pipe accessories for different customers’ requirements.

Here is a table about mainly parameters of LUTON RMC Pump to help you get the brief information of LUTON products.


Boom Pump is another unique type equipped with a giant robot arm, which we called a boom. Boom pump is a series of equipment mounted on a large truck.

The robot arm can be folded and fixed on the truck when it’s not in working process. Conveying pipes are designed along the arm structure and operated under the remote controller.

Thanks for the flexible truck-mounted design, this type of pump perfectly meets requirement of frequent sites transition.

LUTON RMC Boom Pumps are classified into several models according to the height of the booms, including 30m, 38m, 52m, 56m, 63m and so on.

LUTON RMC Boom Pump features powerful pumping capacity. For instance, a 56m LUTON Boom Pump delivers concrete up to 200m3 per hour.

So, ready mix concrete boom pump suits to large scale construction, especially in project areas where other concrete pumps are unavailable.


Concrete Pump Cost

Concrete Pump Manufacturers

Line Pump VS. Boom Pump

Why choose LUTON GROUP?

  • Economical simple: structure is convenient for maintenance and repair
  • Flexible long pipeline: conveying method reach to any construction areas
  • High Pumping Capacity: pumping distance longer than any other method
  • Long Service Life: durable manganese-steel alloy plate, special paint for hydraulic oil tank and other crucial components maximize the service life.
  • High Quality: crucial components from famous world well-known brands ensure the high quality of the whole system.

Systems of RMC Pump

Ready Mix Concrete Pump is consisted of several function units, including power system, pumping system, hydraulic system, lubrication system, mixing system, conveying system as well as electric controlling system. These systems cooperate orderly to ensure the whole pump running smoothly and steadily.

  • Power system, the energy heart, consistently provides the whole pump body with strong driving energy.
  • Following the power system, hydraulic system transfers the energy from power engine to every executive part and finally drives the executive components of pumping system to fulfill the whole process according to control signals.
  • Meanwhile, in order to ensure smooth movement of all parts, lubrication system is important. It is not only the insurance of the smoothly working process but also the safeguard of long service life.
  • Mixing system is the first part after concrete being fed into the hopper. As the name implies, concrete is mixed in this part. So it is the crucial part that in charge of the high concrete quality.
  • Conveying system consisted of all sorts of pipelines, supports suitable conveying way for concrete liquid on different construction sites.
  • Electric control system, the control brain of the whole body, takes charge of the whole operation process. It not only sends out executive signals to every part but also monitors the process. Once fault occurs, control system will send out signal to stop the working process.
ready mix concrete pump

How Does Ready Mix Concrete Pump Work?

Now, it’s time to talk about the ready mix concrete pump working process.
Simply say, there are five steps.

Firstly, materials are fed into concrete mixer where concrete is done according to ingredient.

Secondly, concrete is fed into the pumping hopper waiting for being pumped out.

Thirdly, pump system sucks concrete into concrete cylinder by piston rod driven by hydraulic energy. Then at the next stroke, concrete is pumped by high pressure of piston rod to the outlet of the concrete cylinder.

Next, swing hydraulic rod drives the S valve to connect one of the twin concrete cylinders outlet with the pump outlet and the concrete get out of the pump into the conveying pipeline.

At last, concrete is continuously pumped by two piston rods in twin hydraulic cylinders and guided to the accurate point on site along pipelines.

concrete line pump working process

Repair And Maintenance of RMC Pump

Good routine maintenance ensures the normal operation and long life of the RMC Pump. Please take care of your pump partner.

  • In daily use, check relevant items of RMC Pump before and after use.
  • Refer to the lubrication table for timely and adequate lubrication of all parts of the pump.
  • Select the specified type of hydraulic oil and replace the hydraulic system oil regularly.
  • Check the water tank, concrete cylinder and concrete conveying pipe of pumping system regularly.
  • Check the connection and welded joint of the structural parts.
  • For boom pump, check and adjust the arm frame, rotating base, outrigger, supporting structure, reducer and other components regularly.
  • Check the working status of hydraulic system and components, electrical system and components regularly.
  • Make sure the good sealing of concrete piston and no mortar permeation into water tank.
  • Check out the interval between the cutting ring and the glass board (maximum 2mm)
  • Thoroughly clean the whole system and check the wear parts after each using.
  • Adjust the interval between the cutting ring and the glass board if it is more than 2mm.

There are also more details about repair and maintenance of RMC Pump. Contact with LUTON GROUP for all information.

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