Pan Mixer Batching Plant

Pan mixer batching plant is a common type of concrete producing and manufacturing equipment, which is widely used in small and medium -scale construction projects.

What are differences between pan mixer batching plant and twin shaft batching plant? What are advantages of pan mixer batching plant? Let’s get closer to know this unique concrete batching plant.

What is Pan Mixer Batching Plant

What is exactly pan mixer batching plant? Obviously, the name is from the main mixer machine of the concrete batching plant.

So, pan mixer batching plant refers to the concrete batching plant with pan mixer machine.

As we all known, concrete mixer machines in batching plants are various. The most common types include twin-shaft horizontal mixer, drum type mixer, vertical shaft pan mixer machine and so on.

Compared with twin-shaft horizontal mixer machine well known by people, pan type concrete mixer machine is more suitable for construction projects requiring dry-hard concrete and fine aggregate concrete materials. (The differences of these concrete mixer machines will be detailed in this article below.)

planetary pan type batching plant

So, it is especially suitable for the construction projects on-site producing concrete materials including small-sized residential house building, road and highway projects, as well as factory or infrastructure facilities construction, etc..
Actually, there are two types of pan mixer concrete batching plant, vertical-shaft planetary concrete mixer batching plant and vertical-shaft turboprop concrete mixer batching plant. Both of the two mixer types are forced concrete mixers.

Hot Models of LUTON Pan Mixer Batching Plant

LUTON Pan Mixer Batching Plant is equipped with fast and wide pan concrete mixer. With multiple stars blades, LUTON pan mixer batching plant can perfectly fulfill thoroughly and evenly concrete mixing without dead areas.

Parameters of Hot LUTON Pan Mixer Batching Plant Models

Mixer ModelMP500MP750MP1000
Output Capacity (m3)0.50.751
Input Capacity(m3)0.751.1251.5
Motor Power (KW)18.53037
Planetary Mixing Blades1/21/32/4
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Characteristics of Pan Mixer in Concrete Batching Plant

As we all know, twin shaft mixers are popular choice for concrete paving and ready mixing producing, costing little time to produce large volume concrete materials.

Pan mixer machine are common in precast or ready mix concrete batching plant. It is also an unique type of concrete mixing machine producing high quality concrete materials in short time.

Just like multiple mixers stirring in the cake bowl simultaneously, the blades moving around and the mixer rotating around at the same time provide the high quality mixing work of concrete materials.

As mentioned above, there are also two types of pan mixer machine, vertical shaft planetary mixer and turboprop concrete mixer machine.

Vertical turboprop concrete mixer is a type of forced concrete mixer machine, whose mixer arms are fixed not only mixing blades but also scraping blades. On the mixing arms are equipped with anti jamming devices which improves serving lives of these blades in a great extent and reduces the energy loss in the mixing process.

This kind of mixer machine can form inverted material flow and falling material flow, which greatly improves mixing capacity and quality of the mixing machine. So, it performs perfectly in dry-hard concrete mixing widely needed in construction projects.

pan type mixer in concrete batching plant

Meanwhile, vertical shaft planetary mixer machine, another pan mixer type, has two mixing methods in concrete mixing. One is fixed shaft planetary mixer, and the other is fixed pan planetary mixer.

The vertical shaft of the former can rotate, not revolve. This kind of mixer machine fulfills material mixing job through rotating pan body, which consumes more energy.

The latter vertical shaft mixer machine can not only rotate but also revolve. The blades fixed on both planetary frames and mixing pan rotate or revolve to fulfill even and thorough mixing performance. This kind of vertical shaft machine is good at dry-hard fine aggregates mixing.

Now, you know that besides the planetary type, twin shaft mixer, there is also a high efficient concrete mixer machine for concrete batching plant, that is powerful vertical shaft pan mixer machine.

Other Types Mixer Used in Concrete Batching Plant

Of course, there are also many other types of concrete mixer machine used in concrete batching plant.

Different types of concrete mixers with different structure and characteristics provide different concrete mixing performances as well as application areas for construction projects.

The two types mentioned above, twin shaft and pan type mixer machine are all belonging to the forced type concrete mixer machine.

mixing machine

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Machine

Mobile Concrete Mixer Machine

Drum Type Concrete Mixer Machine

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And there is also another type, self falling mixer machine. The typical model is drum type concrete mixer machine.

With compact structure and simple consistence, drum type concrete mixer machine is widely used in mobile or portable concrete batching plant. In the mixing procession, concrete mixture is lifted by mixing blades fixed on the drum inner body and the rolling drum body, and then falls rapidly under the action of gravity.

In the process of mixing operation, forward rotation is in mixing work and reverse rotation is in discharging mode. The transmission mode of its operation process is mainly divided into gear transmission and friction transmission.

This kind of drum type concrete mixer machine is mainly used in semi-dry and big aggregates mixing job in constructions like bridge and road projects.

In addition, there is also another type of horizontal shaft mixer machine, called single shaft mixer. At present, this type of mixer machine has been gradually replaced by twin-shaft horizontal concrete mixer machine and hardly used in concrete batching plant.

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