China Self Loading Concrete Mixer

China self loading concrete mixer has advantages of high-quality, advanced manufacturing technology, affordable price, short delivery time, etc. After decades of production and technology improvement, China self loading concrete mixers are welcomed by domestic and foreign customers. As a leading manufacturer of self loading concrete mixer, Luton has eighteen years experience on manufacturing and exporting. … Read more

1.2m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

1.2m3 self loading concrete mixer here referring to the LT-1.2 self loading truck with drum mixer, is the smallest model of LUTON self loading concrete mixer series. With small and lightweight body, multiple functions and high efficiency, LT-1.2 self loading mixer truck is widely used in all kinds of small or medium construction projects, like … Read more

Mini Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Mini self loading concrete mixer is a concrete production truck designed for small construction projects. Production capacity is from 1.2m3 to 2.6m3 per batch. With features of affordable price, small body size, multiple functions and high quality. This mini self loading concrete mixer is equipped with bucket, concrete mixer, discharge cute and cab. And it … Read more

6.5m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer for Sale

Advantages of 6.5m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer for Sale The 6.5m3 self loading concrete mixer for sale is the largest model, It can be said to be the king of self-loading truck. The concrete supply capacity of 26 cubic meters per hour is comparable to that of a small concrete mixing plant. The 12-ton body … Read more

Self Loading Transit Concrete Mixer

Self loading transit concrete mixer is a type of concrete mixing equipment that combines self loading, self weighing, self-mixing, short-distance conveying, as well as self discharging. It can mix raw materials (sand, cement, water, etc) into high quality concrete. It is also called as self loading concrete mixer truck, self loader concrete mixer, etc. Models … Read more

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Machine

Self loading concrete mixer machine is a small-scale portable concrete batching plant. It combines self loading, self weighing, automatic water supply, self mixing, self discharging with short-distance transportation, replacing partial functions of loader, mixer and concrete truck. Now more and more small and medium-sized enterprises choose to use it. Due to its compact size, the … Read more

Self Loading Cement Mixer

Overview of Self loading cement mixer Self loading cement mixers are also known as self-loading concrete mixer trucks, self-loading concrete mixers, self-loading concrete mixer machines, self-loading transit concrete mixers, and more. It is a new low-cost concrete mixing machine with various features such as self-loading, self-mixing, self-measuring, self-discharging, self-transporting, etc. With its outstanding efficiency, flexibility, … Read more

Self Propelled Concrete Mixer

What Exactly Is A Self Propelled Concrete Mixer? A self propelled concrete mixer is a concrete mixer with a chassis and a driving cab that can mix concrete and transport it to construction sites like a truck. A self propelled concrete mixer is also known as a self-loading concrete mixer, a self-loading concrete mixing machine, … Read more

Self Loading Rough Terrain Concrete Mixers

5.5m3 self loading concrete mixer for sale

The contemporary construction industry has a growing need for concrete, which has resulted in the emergence of diverse concrete manufacturing machines and equipment in the construction machinery business. Self loading rough terrain concrete mixers have been designed and built in recent years. They are popular with construction machinery investors due to their flexibility and many … Read more

Diesel Power System of Self Loading Concrete Mixer

What is the Diesel Power System of Self Loading Concrete Mixer? A self loading concrete mixer is a set of modern compact and independent equipment with efficiency and economization characteristics in the contemporary concrete mixing machinery industry. It is adaptable, efficient, and appropriate for producing concrete construction materials in various complicated technical locations. In recent … Read more