Semi Automatic Concrete Batching Plant

Semi automatic concrete batching plant, compared with the fully automatic concrete batching plant, refers to that its control system is not fully automated. This semi automatic control method is often used in various small and short-term construction projects in urban and rural areas.

Semi Automatic Concrete Batching Plant

Flexible & Convenient

Cost-efficient and Stable

Durable & Friendly to Environment

Hot Models of LUTON Semi Automatic Concrete Batching Plant

Both fully automatic and semi automatic concrete batching plants are available for your investment. Those two kinds of concrete batching plants have their own characteristics and advantages. Contact us and with the help of our professional consultants, get the ideal selection scheme for your special project needs.

Production Capacity: 25m3/h
Batching Machine: PLD800
Max. Aggregate Size: 80/60mm
Twin-shaft Mixer: JS500
Aggregate Conveyor: Bucket (Skip hopper)
Mixing Cycle: 72s

Production Capacity: 35m3/h
Batching Machine: PLD1200
Max. Aggregate Size: 80/60mm
Twin-shaft Mixer: JS750
Aggregate Feeder: Bucket (Skip hopper)
Mixing Cycle: 72s

Production Capacity: 60m3/h
Batching Machine: PLD1600
Max. Aggregate Size: 100/80mm
Twin-shaft Mixer: JS1000
Aggregate Conveyor: Belt Machine
Mixing Cycle: 60s

Production Capacity: 90m3/h
Batching Machine: PLD2400
Max. Aggregate Size: 100/80mm
Twin-shaft Mixer: JS1500
Aggregate Conveyor: Belt Machine
Mixing Cycle: 60s

Production Capacity: 120m3/h
Batching Machine: PLD3200
Max. Aggregate Size: 100/80mm
Twin-shaft Mixer: JS2000
Aggregate Feeder: Belt Machine
Mixing Cycle: 60s

Production Capacity: 240m3/h
Batching Machine: PLD4800
Max. Aggregate Size: 120/80mm
Twin-shaft Mixer: JS4000
Aggregate Conveyor: Belt Machine
Mixing Cycle: 60s

Characteristics and Advantages of Semi Automatic Concrete Batching Plant

  • Semi automatic control system
  • Less initial capital investment, economical
  • Several workers operate production step by step
  • Low economic cost
  • Small footprint
  • Flexible control during working process, such as proportion control, failure interruption and so on.

Comparison Between Fully And Semi Automatic Concrete Batching Plant

The semi-automatic concrete batching plant uses few components, and can have manual intervention during the operation of the control system to control the concrete ratio and interrupt the operation.

Batching Plant Types

Fully Automatic

Semi Automatic


1.More upfront investment

1.Less upfront investment

2.Fewer Operators are required.

2.More Operators are required.

3.Easier Operation:

Just press a button and all the procession is executed.

sequentially without human intervention requirement.

3.Multiple-Step Operation:

Control the procession step by step by operators pressing different control buttons. Manual intervention is available for material ratio control, fault intervention and so on.

4.Suit to large or medium size projections and commercial concrete production

4.Suit to industrial engineering projects and small-scale construction projects.

Common Points

1.Overall Structures

2.Producing Capacity

3.Basic Configurations

Both have seven main system, including Material Storage System, Conveying System, Weighing System, Mixing System, Control System, Dust Collecting System, Pneumatic System and so on.

4.Production Process

Materials Feeding→ Batching → Conveying → Mixing → Discharging → Transporting

Main Components of Automatic Concrete Batching Plant


Aggregate Batching System

Aggregate batching system is used to feed and weigh various aggregates separately or cumulatively by the weighing system under the batch hopper.

Batching machine

Weighing System

There are water and additive weighing system, cement weighing system besides aggregate weighing system. These weighing units are all used to measure different kinds of materials separately.

HZS120 Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant

Conveying System

Weighed aggregates are conveyed by skip hopper hoisting system or belt machine. Water and additive are conveyed by pumps. Powder materials (cement or fly ash) are conveyed by screw conveyor.

twin shaft mixer of concrete batching plant

Mixing System

Mixing system is the central part of the whole concrete batching plant. The most common type of mixer in concrete batching plant is twin-shaft horizontal mixer. According to different production capacity, the mixer is configured.

powder silo of hzs75

Powder Storage System

Powder storage system is consisted of silos, support structure, dust-collection system, broken arch, pressure monitoring and alarm system, etc..

Control System of HZS75

Control System

Semi automatic control system is consisted of industrial computer, real-time monitoring system, display screen, control panel, PLC, and so on.

Pneumatic system of HZS75

Pneumatic System

Pneumatic system is used to realize the automatic control of all feeding and discharging hopper gates.

No matter fully automatic or semi automatic concrete batching plant, hope you find the suitable batching plant for your projects. More details about automatic concrete batching plant, you are welcome to contact LUTON GROUP.

HZS75 Plant is working on site


LUTON Group is one of the most popular concrete batching plant manufacturers in China, whose products are sold to more than 80 countries all over the world.

For more than 20 years, LUTON GROUP has been committed to researching, designing and producing various types of mixing plants that meet the needs of various concrete users, and also provides customers with a full range of professional and thoughtful consulting, installation, maintenance and other services.

The types of LUTON automatic concrete batching plants are various, covering stationary concrete batching plants, mobile concrete batching plants, belt concrete batching plants, hopper concrete batching plants, dry concrete batching plants, wet concrete batching plants, ready mixed concrete batching plant, precast concrete batching plant, etc..

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