Top 5 Concrete Pump Manufacturers in China

Below are Top 5 Concrete Pump Manufacturers in China.Concrete pump consists of a pump body and a delivery pipe. It is a machine to utilize pressure for continuous conveying of concrete along pipelines. At present, the main type is S-valve concrete delivery pump. It is the earliest concrete pumping equipment which is suitable for staying on a construction site for a long time. The skyscrapers in the world are basically built by it.

Top 5 Concrete Pump Manufacturers in China

Top 5 Concrete Pump Manufacturers in China

1. SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

Location: Changsha, Hunan Province

Founded: 1989

SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a world renown heavy equipment manufacturing company being the 3rd-largest heavy equipment manufacturer in the world.

SANY is famous for their concrete machinery, where they are globally ranked as No. 1.

SANY continue to build a first-class enterprise, to foster first-class employees, and to make first-class contributions to society, which has never wavered in the last 30 yrs.

The company’s focus is delivering value to customers, employees, shareholders, and the public by offering high-quality products and services, providing a work environment full of opportunities, releasing financial reports to exceed investors expectations and influence the people from every corner of the world.

2. Luton Group Co., ltd.

Location: Zhengzhou, Henan

Founded: 1999

LUTON GROUP CO., LTD. is a joint-stock company established in 1999, with more than 22 years of export experience. LUTON as one of China’s leading professional manufacturers and suppliers in the construction field, LUTON is mainly engaged in research and development, manufacturing concrete batching plants, asphalt mixing plants, dry mortar mixing plants, self loading concrete mixers, concrete pumps, cement silos, concrete mixing trucks, stone crushing plants, etc.

LUTON now has more than 1,000 employees, including sales teams, engineer teams, purchase department, professional designers, technical workers, financial department, delivery department, advertising department, and other service departments. The existing fixed assets and circulating funds of our company exceed 100 million yuan, covering an area of 300,000 square meters.

3. Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd.

Location: Xuzhou, Jiangsu

Founded: 1943

Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd is a well-known manufacturer of construction machinery.
They took part in the development of the country’s largest, most influential, and most competitive enterprise with the most complete product lines and services.

XCMG is considered to be the 5th largest construction machinery company in the world.

In order to keep moving towards its ultimate goal of becoming a leading world-class enterprise capable of creating real value for their customers, they dedicate themselves to their core value “taking great responsibilities, acting with great morals and making great achievements” and its corporate spirit of being “rigorous, practical, progressive and Creative”.

4. Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Location: Changsha, Hunan

Founded: 1992

Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer who mainly engages in the development of high-tech equipment in the engineering and agricultural industry.

Zoomlion is a global enterprise that encompasses 10 major categories and 56 product lines.

Zoomlion is also the first Chinese construction machinery company that has been listed on both Shenzhen and Hong Kong stock exchanges.

Nowadays, the company has continued aiming to build the best high-end equipment suited for engineering and agricultural industries.

5. Zhejiang Truemax Engineering Co., Ltd.

Location: Haining, Zhejiang

Area: 100,000 sqm

Founded: 2003

Hangzhou Truemax Machinery & Equipment Co. Ltd is a manufacturer who specializes in designing, developing and producing construction equipment. Truemax also takes part in the trading division of crushing and concrete machineries. Truemax’s products and services are closely aligned with the workflows and plans of their customers. Truemax offers a wide-ranging portfolio, combining premium-quality products with first-class services. Boasting their competitive prices, Truemax vow to continue to establish and keep long-term cooperation with their partners to develop further into a world renown supplier of large-scale equipment.

Why Using Concrete Pump Machine?

Increase efficiency

  • Mechanization degree is high
  • Labor works reduced
  • Simple operating
  • Save man-hours, save money

Increase the safety of working

Remote operation; through piping arrangement, it can be placed to more difficult working areas.

Electric concrete pump

Principle of The Concrete Pump Machine

concrete line pump working process

Main oil pump output high pressure oil which is distributed to the hydraulic cylinder by sequence valve. Piston in hydraulic cylinder is pushed back and forth which enable the concrete in concrete cylinder sucking in and squeezing out.

In sync, swing arm is driven by swing cylinder under the high pressure oil, thereby driving the S valve going back and forth between the two concrete cylinder outlets.

Through going back and forth of concrete cylinder and S valve, the whole pumping process is realized.

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