3.5m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Profit Analysis

How high is the investment return ratio of LT3.5m3 self loading concrete mixer, why so many investors choose this machine. Even soaring sea freight rates and rising oil prices cannot stop these people from choosing.Here will uncover the secrets of this machine through 3.5m3 self loading concrete mixer profit analysis.

What Is LT3.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer?

3.5m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Profit Analysis

Self Loader Truck For Producing Concrete and transporting concrete over short distances

  • It mainly used for house building ,road construction,tunnel,bridge etc.
  • It can be driven, and the speed can reach up to 40Km/h.
  • It can realize functions of weighing, self loading ,self mixing and self discharging the concrete. Due to this self concrete loader mixer includes weighing system, hopper, as well as mixing machine.
  • The model of the self loading concrete mixer from 1.2 to 6.5cubic for per tank. The capacity of the machine is 6-26 cubic per hour.

LT3.5m3 self Loading Concrete Mixer Profit Analysis

From a raw material perspective:

In China, the price difference between self-made concrete and commercial concrete (produced by commercial concrete batching plant) is RMB150-200 per cubic meter.(About 30USD \m³).

About the model 3.5L self mixers:

  • One hour output: 3.5×4= 14 m³
  • One day’s output:14×8=112m³ (Based on eight hours of work)
  • The concrete cost can save for ten days:112×30×10=33600 USD
  • 30 days: 100,800USD
  • Even if you only work 15 days a month:50,000USD
a concrete mixer truck with a pump on site

From the labor cost:

The self loading mixer has a large output with self loading and discharging. 1 person to drive, and 2 people can cooperate to complete various projects. It is equivalent to a construction team, saving you the labor cost of at least 5 workers per day.

According to your local worker’s salary, you can calculate how much labor cost you can save in a month.

From a rental income perspective:

The rental of this concrete self loading mixer is about $300–800 one day.

And LT 3.5m3 self-loading concrete mixer in many markets are in the bonus period, the market share is not high at present, the use is wide, the demand is large, the technology is advanced, so there is a good rental market.

The above is all the money saved by the LT 3.5 self- loading concrete mixer. Not the profits you make on various projects.

Simply put, this self loader mixer is a one-time investment, make sure you have at least 10 years of income.

self loading concrete mixer machine

Advantages of LT 3.5m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

  • The machine is made of solid materials, using manganese steel Q345B.
  • Double-layer thickened steel wire tires, strong shock absorption and great grip.
  • Chinese famous brand, WEICHAI engine, high power and stable performance.
  • Reinforced drive axle, the actual load is large, the operation is more safe and stable.
  • High pressure and small flow hydraulic system, leading performance in the industry, saving fuel consumption when working.
  • Articulated chassis, small turning radius, very flexible driving.
  • No license required to work on the road or use for any project.
  • Full functioning.self loading ,self mixing and self discharging the concrete .
  • Only 1 operator and 2 auxiliary workers can complete various projects, which is equivalent to a small construction team.
  • The ability to reclaim wasteland is strong, and the machine has small requirements for the construction environment. Suitable for various construction environments.
  • The operation is very simple and the machine is very safe to use.
  • With automatic weighing system, the concrete proportion is accurate and the quality is high.
  • The operating space of the cab is large, the seat structure is reasonable, and the long-term operation is not tired.
  • Cab with air conditioner and fan.
Discharge Capacity1.2m31.8m32m32.6m33.5m34m35.5m36.5m3
Engine ModelYUNNEI
Yuchai 4102Yuchai 4102Yuchai 4102Yuchai 4105Yuchai 4108FAW XICHAI 6110Weichai Deutz 6105
Rated Power58KW78KW78KW78KW85KW91KW92KW~110KW92KW~110KW
Gear4 forward
4 back
4 back
4 forward
4 back
4 forward
4 back
4 forward
4 back
4 forward
4 back
4 forward
4 back
4 forward
4 back
Oil Tank16 Liters16 Liters16 Liters16 Liters16 Liters16 Liters16 Liters16 Liters
Water Tank400L500L500L500L620L660L860L1465L
Water SupplyTime RelayTime RelayTime RelayTime RelayTime RelayTime RelayTime RelayTime Relay
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H)6400*2550*24507300*2650*37507300*2650*37507800*2720*30007800*2720*33007500*2800*36008450*3100*45808450*3050*3860

Types of Luton Self Loading Concrete Mixer


I believe the quality and advantages of the LT 3.5 self-loading concrete mixer and the benefits achieved will confirm that your choice was correct.

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