36m Concrete Pump For Sale

36 meters concrete pump for sale is widely used in concrete construction field. Looking for an ideal model of concrete boom pump for your projects or commercial investment?

This article will introduce you a good option.

LUTON 36m Concrete Pump For Sale

36 meters concrete pump for sale is a new model of concrete boom pump truck developed and manufactured by LUTON GROUP. Integrated mixing and pumping functions in one, LUTON 36m concrete pump for sale realizes automatic mechanized construction.

Large-scale lightweight design, the size of the vehicle is optimized to be smaller, to meet the narrow problem of various limit roads in rural areas.

With 36m boom and compact structure, this pump truck is suitable for small and medium scale construction sites scattered in field.

Not as other static concrete pumps, concrete pump with a 36m boom can efficiently move to target construction site without too much time for installation and preparation.

For Concrete Line Pump, before the pumping work starts, the pumping line needs to be laid according to the terrain environment which will take a long while. While for 36m boom pump, no needs of pipeline placing time, the robot placing arm will streach to the target place in a few minutes.

Applications Ranges of 36m Concrete Pump For Sale

LUTON 36m boom pump truck for sale is suitable for small and medium-sized foundation construction and other large aggregate concrete transporting jobs, including:

  • Rural Civil Construction
  • Township and New Countryside Construction
  • Railway Bridge Construction
  • Road, Tunnel and Bridge Projects
  • Water Conservancy and Hydraulic Projects
  • Geological Hazard Slope Treatment
  • Foundation Irrigation
  • Other Large-Sized Concrete Pouring Construction in narrow space

Parameters of LUTON 36m Concrete Pump For Sale

Max. Theoretical Output Capacitym3/h60MixerJS500
Max. Outlet PressureMpa13/7.6Emission StandardNational IV
Main Oil Cylindermm125Power DriveTransfer Box Drive
Delivery Cylindermm200Main Hydraulic PumpKawasaki / Rexroth
Max. Placing Heightm27Distribution FormS Valve
Wheel Basemm4700Hydraulic SystemOpen Type
Hydraulic Oil Cooling System Air Cooling Control ModeManuel and Wireless Remote Control

LUTON 36m concrete pump for sale with high grade configurations and components is specialist of small and medium size concrete pumping jobs.

Price of 36m Concrete Pump For Sale

36m Concrete Pump For Sale prices various in construction machinery market. That is because there are many factors affecting the price, including the different materials of structure, the various configurations, the different grades of components adopted in systems, the complexities of production process and the situations of supply and demand, etc..
So, it is hard to say a definite price for 36m concrete pump for sale in the market.
It’s recommended to contact us to get the customized price.

Advantages of LUTON 36m Concrete Pump For Sale

The 36m concrete pump has a lower unfolding height, making it more applicable for small and medium constructions.

The Z-folding placing boom with four sections ensures the smoother and flexible deployment with premium slip characteristics.

1. A shorter placing boom is versatile and safe on working site.

2.The intelligent control system make operation easy and labor saving.

3.High quality components from famous brands around the world ensure the stable and efficient performance of the product.

4.Reinforced and sturdy based structure and compact boom pedestal enhance the long service life.

5.Easy to dismantle and install. Convenient to daily maintain and replace components.

Why Choose LUTON Group?

LUTON Group with more than 20-year experience of construction machinery manufacturing and exporting, has spread the products to more than 100 countries around the world. LUTON has won certifications and honors including:
IOS 9001: 2000 quality management system, CE, BV certificates, 6 national patents, Civilized Private Enterprise, Private Technology Enterprise, MSDS.

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Configurations of LUTON 36m Concrete Pump For Sale

LUTON 36 meters concrete boom pump truck is equipped with various configurations and high quality components aiming higher grade performance. Check out the outstanding configurations.

Flexible Concrete Placing Boom

The components of boom system are robust and wear-resistant with maintenance-free components and standard components.

Imported high-quality parts with long service life save a lot of time and money for investors.

The concrete transport lines are complex and sophisticated.

The boom control response is very fast.

And the steel structure is sturdy, ensuring a precise and smooth movement.

This makes sure the smooth actions of upgraded slewing gear driving.

Stable Pedestal

This type of 36m concrete boom pump has also met the most strict approval rules for weight.

It provides substantial additional load reserves as an ideal model for workplace work requiring more accessories.

Due to the stable expansion, there is enough swing space to support the legs and anti-slip plates.

What’s more, the details of additional construction design makes the infrastructure even strong.

Clamp the front expansion support legs and boom base, which is compact and manufactured as a single material.

Smart Wireless Remote Control

The super robust wireless remote is much lighter.

All contents can be displayed on a larger, high-resolution color screens.

With long service life, minimal self-discharge lithium-ion battery provides remote automatic energy supplies for each full day.

What is more, the machine operator can continuously access all of the information about the machine on site, displayed on the color display of the radio remote control.

Strong Pump Units

Adopting single high pressure pumping mode, the outlet pressure is up to 10Mpa and pumping efficiency is increased by 25%. The consumption of fuel decrease by 10%.

Also, the S tube is with a long material life even when wear is intensive, as the S transfer tube is enhanced by stacking welding.

The interchangeable pumps saves fuels and the sealing system prevent from oil leaks.

Application Case of 36m Concrete Pump For Sale

36m Concrete Boom Pump Is Placing Concrete Pump For Workshop

application of LUTON concrete boom pump on site

36 meter placing boom pump truck for bridge project

Boom Pump on Bridge Project Site

36 meter placing boom pump truck for foundation construction

36 meter placing boom pump truck for concrete pouring of Viaduct Piers projects

application of concrete boom pump

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Hope you find the ideal pump for your investment.