Asphalt Plant for Sale

Asphalt plant, also known as asphalt mixing plant, is a complete set mixing stones, ore powder and liquid asphalt into asphalt mixture. It can be used for producing asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture, color asphalt mixture. So the asphalt plant for sale is the necessary equipment for building expressway, grade highways, municipal roads, airports and ports.

Luton Group offers series of asphalt plants. Hot sale plants include continuous and batch asphalt mixing plants, mobile, semi-stationary and stationary asphalt mixing plants, small, medium and large asphalt mixing plants. The price of each model varies depending on the different configuration.

asphalt plant for sale

Asphalt Batch Plant for Sale

Batch asphalt plant is featured with convenient installation, good mixing effect, high production efficiency, accurate ratio of raw materials, as well as PLC automatic control system.

Continuous Asphalt Plant for Sale

The continuous asphalt mixing plant usually adopts drum for mixing. This drum type asphalt plant has a large production capacity. It is suitable for the continuous paving of asphalt mixture.

continuous asphalt mixing plant

Asphalt Batch Plant VS. Continuous Asphalt Plant

1. Different produce process

From batching, mixing and discharging, the continuous asphalt mixing plant is continuous. Bath type asphalt plant is carried out by batch. One bath refers to the whole process from weighing, heating, mixing, as well as discharging. Each batch is about 45 seconds.

2. Varies in weighing and ratio method of raw materials

The continuous mixing plant is to weigh raw materials by batching machine. Clod materials weighed will be put into drum for mixing. However, materials for the batch asphalt plant needs to be weighed twice. The first time is that cold aggregates weighed by batching machine, the second time is that hot aggregates, powder and liquid asphalt are respectively weighed before sent into mixing machine.

3. Different yield and efficiency

The continuous asphalt plant has advantages of stable operation and high output. The output and efficiency of asphalt bath plant are not as high as that of drum type, but it has high productivity guarantee.

Mobile Asphalt Plant VS. Stationary Asphalt Plant

Asphalt plants are divided into mobile asphalt plant and stationary asphalt plant.

Mobile Asphalt Plant for Sale

Due to storage bin and mixing tank are equipped with tires, the mobile asphalt plant can be moved according to different construction sites. It is suitable for county-level highways and low-standard expressway.

mobile asphalt plant for sale

Stationary Asphalt Plant for Sale

The storage silo and mixing tank need to be fixed on the cement foundation. It is suitable for high-standard expressway and very concentrated construction projects.

Small Portable Asphalt Plants VS. Large Asphalt Plant

Based on the output: the asphalt mixing station is divided into small portable asphalt station, medium asphalt plant and large asphalt plant.

Small portable asphalt plant for sale

Small portable asphalt plant refers to the output of less than 80 tons per hour. It is usually a drum type mixing machine. The specifications include 15t/h, 20t/h, 30t/h, 60t/h and 80t/h.

Small portable asphalt is mostly mobile type. It is used for pavement maintenance. At the same time, Luton Group also provides a variety of small asphalt recycling mixing plant. The waste asphalt of the pavement can be directly used as a raw material, waste asphalt can be put into the asphalt recycling equipment directly, and is re-mixed with other raw materials in a certain proportion to form asphalt concrete meeting the quality requirements.

Medium asphalt plant for sale

Medium asphalt plant refers to plant with a capacity of 100 tons to 240 tons per hour.

Large asphalt plant for sale

Large asphalt plant refers to plant with a capacity of more than 320 tons per hour.

hot mix plant

Used Asphalt Plant Equipment VS. New Asphalt Plant

Compared with the new asphalt mixing plant, the biggest advantage of the second-hand asphalt mixing plant is the price. The price of used plant is much cheaper than the brand new one.

The biggest disadvantage of used asphalt plant is after-sales. Asphalt mixing plant is a mechanical technology-intensive plant, so the after-sales personnel shall have the high maintenance level and technical.

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