Concrete Mixing Plants for Sale

A concrete mixing plants for sale are used to yield proper concrete products. It integrates equipment that includes aggregate hoppers, cement silos, water silos, materials conveyors, aggregates transition, the main mixer, environment protect the system, control system, etc. It also called as concrete batching plant, ready mixing concrete plant (an RMC plant), etc.

Concrete Mixing Plants for Sale

Price List of Concrete Mixing Plants for Sale

ModelsPrice Range

The price of a concrete mixing plants for sale range from as low as $25,000 to $360,000, depending on various factors such as – type of batching plant, production capacity, additional features of the equipment, and other factors.

Usually, ready-mix concrete plants with higher performance, lower energy consumption, and advanced environmental protection techniques are more expensive than those with lower technique configurations.

Types of Concrete Mixing Plants for Sale

concrete mixing plants

Stationary Concrete Mixing Plants

Model: HZS60, HZS90,HZS120

Capacity: 60m3/h-120m3/h

Price: $25,000 to $360,000.

Highlights: Fixed foundation, large capacity

Mobile Batch Plant in the Philippines

Mobile Concrete Mixing Plants

Model: YHZS25, YHZS35, YHZS75

Capacity: 25m3/h-75m3/h

Price: $35,000 to $120,000.

Highlights: Mobile plant,easy for transportation and installation

concrete mixing plants for sale

Belt Type Concrete Mixing Plants

Model: HZS60, HZS90,HZS120, HZS180

Capacity: 60m3/h-180m3/h

Highlights:Belt conveyer, high-efficiency, large capacity, fully automatic operating system

mini mobile concrete batching plant

Skip Hopper Concrete Mixing Plants

Model: HZS25, HZS35,HZS50, HZS75

Capacity: 25m3/h-75m3/h

Highlights:Compact and simple structure and quick installation, less area and low cost.

cheap dry concrete batching plant

Dry Concrete Mixing Plants

Model: HZS25D, HZS50D, HZS60D, HZS90D

Capacity: 25m3/h-90m3/h

Highlights:Without mixing machine, low initial cost.

central mix concrete plant

Wet Concrete Mixing Plants

Model: HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS75 HZS60, HZS90, HZS120, HZS2180

Capacity: 25m3/h-180m3/h

Highlights: Fully automatic, high-quality concrete, high-efficiency, large capacity.

commercial concrete batching plant

Commercial Concrete Mixing Plants

Model: HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS75 HZS60, HZS90, HZS120, HZS2180

Capacity: 25m3/h-9180m3/h

Price: $90,000 to $360,000.

Highlights: Fully automatic, high-quality concrete, high-efficiency, large capacity, finished concrete for sell.

Suitability & Advantages of Different Types of Concrete Mixing Plants

Stationary plantLarge scale proects, long term supplyRunning efficiently, fully automatic
Mobile plantSmall/medium size projects,

Temporary projects

Accurate proportion

Steady product quality

Wet plantLarge scale projects

Long term supply

Accurate proportion

Steady product quality

Dry plantLong-distance siteEfficient, rapid, economical
Belt plantLarge scale projects

High quality

Accurate, efficient, steady
Hopper plantSmall/medium size projects

Low maintain cost

Simple structure


Other Factors that Influence the Price of a Concrete Mixing Plant


Just as any other merchandise, the price of concrete mixing plants for sale is also influenced by brands; products of famous brands are always more expensive than those of smaller companies.

At times, the cost of concrete batching plants of famous brands is several times higher compared to the cost of a normal concrete batching plant.

Raw Materials

    Steel is the main material used in the manufacturing of the main structure of the precast concrete mixing plant. Hence, the price of steel directly affects the cost of the plant. Therefore, consider the price of steel before deciding to buy a precast plant.

    If the price of steel is high when you are considering buying concrete mixing plants for sale, obviously, the cost of manufacturing the plant will also be high. On the other hand, when the cost of steel decreases the cost of the plant will also decrease relatively.

    The Market Supply and Demand

      The law of demand and supply of commodities has a great impact on the pricing of the products. If there is a high demand and less supply of the product, the price of the product will be high.

      Similarly, if the supply of the concrete mixing plants for sale is lower than the demand for RMC plants, the price of the plant will be high, vice versa.

      Though the market principles cannot be changed, they can certainly give us important information about when to buy a plant at a reasonable price.

      Freight cost

        When you place an order with Luton for a concrete mixing plant, contact the consultants to get an estimate of the whole shipping costs involved and other transportation costs.

        The cost of freighting depends on factors such as –  the freighting distance and the loading scale. Obviously, the longer distance from the manufacturing plant to customer location and the larger scale loading, the more will be the cost of freighting.

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        Price of Concrete Mixing Plants In Different Countries

        The price of concrete mixing plants for sale in different countries is different. The following table to have an understanding of prices of a similar plant by different manufactures from different countries. Let’s take a 60m3/h plant, HZS60 as an example.


        Chinese ready-mix concrete plants are sold all over the world because of its high cost performance, great quality, and flexible service. All these features have contributed to them become one of the most powerful competitors among the international manufacturing industry of concrete mixing plants for sale.

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        Luton Concrete Mixing Plants For Sale

        LUTON Group is one of the most popular manufacturers of concrete batch plants in China and its products are well known all over the world. Luton is focusing on developing, manufacturing, and servicing of concrete mixing plants for sale and also providing integrated solutions for customers to build up their suitable plants.

        LUTON manufactures a wide range of products, such as – stationary concrete mixing plant, mobile (or portable) concrete batching plant, belt concrete batching plant, hopper concrete batching plant, dry concrete mix plant, wet concrete mix plant, etc.

        With the focus on advanced and accurate technology design and pursuit for high quality of concrete plants, LUTON products are recognized and approved by customers for their:

        • High quality materials
        • Long component life
        • Tailor-made service
        • High productivity
        • Comprehensive after-sales maintenance
        • 20+ years industrial experience with pioneering design
        • 18000+ plants manufactured and sold

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