Concrete Pump for Sale South Africa

South Africa is an important market for Luton Group. Many types of concrete pump for sale South Africa become the hot sale, such as concrete pump trailer, concrete mixer pump, truck mounted concrete pump, as well as concrete boom pump.

Concrete Pump for Sale South Africa

In April 2023, two mixer pumps were successfully sent to customers in South Africa. However, one of the customers was unsure how to install and operate the JBS40 mixer pump. Upon learning of this situation, we immediately dispatched an engineer to provide a full seven-day guidance of installation, operation, and maintenance until the concrete mixer pump was operating smoothly.

Concrete Pump for Sale South Africa
Concrete Pump in South Africa

JBS40 Concrete Mixer Pump Used in South Africa

JBS40 Concrete Mixer Pump Used in South Africa

Types of Concrete Pump for Sale in South Africa

Concrete Trailer Pump

Concrete trailer pump for sale South Africa is the common type used in South Africa. It has diesel concrete trailer pump and electrical concrete trailer pump. Capacity includes 30m3/h, 40m3/h, 60m3/h and 80m3/h. the theoretical maximum horizontal conveying distance is 1000 meters, and the theoretical vertical conveying distance is 120 meters.

HBT40 diesel concrete pump for sale

Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump

electric concrete pump machine

Electric Concrete Trailer Pump

Concrete Trailer Pump with Diesel Engine

Main oil pumpKawasakiKawasakiKawasakiKawasakiKawasaki
Main pumpdisplacement112 ml/r112 ml/r112 ml/r112×2 ml/r112×2 ml/r
Theoretical displacement40m3/30m3(High/Low)40m3/30m3(High/Low)60m3/36m3(High/Low)85m3/50m3(High/Low)85m3/50m3(High/Low)
Diesel engineYuxing66KWWeichai 82KWWeichai 82KWWeichai 129KWWeichai 129KW
Control system componentsSchneiderSchneiderSchneiderSchneiderSchneider

Concrete Trailer Pump with Electric Motor

Max. Theoretical Throughput (m3/h)  3040506088
Max. Pumping Pressure (MPa)610101316
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance (m)140200120280300
Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance (m)45080050010001200
Max. Aggregate Diameter (mm)20~3040404040
Conveying Pipe Radius (mm)100150180180180
Number of Conveying Cylinder (piece)22222
Conveying Cylinder Bore X Piston Stroke (mm)Ф200×500Φ180/1100Φ200×1000Φ200/1650Φ200/1800
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity (L)250400500600800
Power of Main Electric Motor (kw)37455590110

Concrete Mixer Pump

JBS30 and JBS40 are both highly popular concrete mixer pump models in South Africa due to their excellent performance and high production efficiency. These concrete mixer pumps offer both mixing and transportation functions, with a maximum horizontal transportation distance of 150 meters to 300 meters, and a maximum vertical transportation distance of 80 meters to 100 meters. These features make them versatile and suitable for various construction sites and engineering projects.


Concrete Mixer Pump with Twin-shaft Mixer


Concrete Mixer Pump with Drum Type

Concrete Mixer Pump with Diesel Engine

Max. theo. concrete output(L./H) (M3/h)304050
Mixer rated feed capacity (m3)0.560.560.56
Mixer rated discharge capacity (m3)0.450.450.45
Max.concrete pumping pressure(H./L.) (MPa)61010
Distribution valve typeS  ValveS  ValveS  Valve
Concrete cylinder diameter×stroke (mm)Ф200×500Φ180/1000Ф200×800
Diesel engine modelYuchai/WeichaiWeichai Deutz WP4G110E220Yuchai 92KW
Diesel engineering power (KW)528292
Circuit typeOpen circuitOpen circuitOpen circuit
Max. Theoretical Vertical/Horizontal Conveying Distance (m)120/300120/500130/600
Max. aggregate diameter (mm)Slick/scree:20~40Slick/scree:40/50Slick/scree:40/50

Concrete Mixer Pump with Electric Motor

Max. theo. concrete output(L./H)M3/h3040
Mixer rated feed capacitym30.560.56
Mixer rated discharge capacitym30.450.45
Max.concrete pumping pressure(H./L.)MPa1010
Distribution valve typeS  ValveS  ValveS  Valve
Winding motor powerKW5.55.5
Stir the motor PowerKW4.54.5
Water pump motor powerKW0.550.55
Electrical engineering powerKW3745
Rotate speedr/min14801480
Pumping system pressureMPa2828
Capacity of oil tankL260370
Max. Theoretical Vertical/Horizontal Conveying Distancem120/300120/500
Max. aggregate diametermmSlick/scree:20~40Slick/scree:40/50

Why Do South African Customers Choose Us?

We are manufacturer of concrete pumps, which means there is no middleman mark-up on our prices. This makes our products more cost-effective for the customer.

Our concrete pumps are backed by our own technical patents and various certifications, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of quality and performance. This gives our customers confidence in the reliability of our products.

We have over 20 years of export experience and are familiar with the import policies of over 100 countries, including South Africa. This allows us to provide our customers with the necessary documentation and support for a smooth and hassle-free import process.

We have a long-standing partnership with a stable and reliable freight forwarding company. This allows us to work with our customers to develop optimal shipping solutions that meet their needs and budget.

We have a strong after-sales team that provides comprehensive and timely support to our customers. This ensures that our customers can purchase our products with peace of mind, knowing that they will receive the assistance they need in case of any issues.

Customers Reviews in South Africa

“It is very easy to cooperate with LUTON. I was very surprised when I received the concrete mixer pump, it can be controlled by the remote control.”

-User of concrete mixer pump in South Africa

“Thanks to Luton supply a high-quality and inexpensive concrete trailer pump, this machine has low noise but strong power. ”

-User of concrete trailer pump in South Africa

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