Crawler Concrete Pump

Crawler concrete pump also known as self propelled concrete pump, is a kind of unique mobile concrete pump.With flexible and unique mobility, it can walk freely on special terrains (such as sand nests, mudflats, hillsides, wetlands, etc.) where other types of concrete pump cannot. How does it do it? Come and see it?

crawler concrete pump

Broad Application Range

Easy Control and Operation

High Efficiency & Flexible Mobility

Strong Adaptability &Stable Performance

Max. Theo. Concrete Output (m3/h)84/45
Max.concrete pumping pressure (H. /L.) (MPa)13/7
Distribution Valve TypeS Valve
Concrete cylinder diameter×stroke (mm)Ф200×1650
Hopper capacity × Feeding Height (L×mm)800×1400
Diesel Engine ModelWeichai Deutz
Hydraulic System Circuit TypeOpen Circuit
Max. Aggregate DiameterScree 50 40 mm

Why We Need Crawler Concrete Pump

In order to improve mobility of concrete pump, many solutions come up and are used in various types of concrete pumps, like trailer concrete pumps, truck-mounted concrete pumps and so on. Thanks to these inventions and designs, concrete pumps can easily move on site finally.

However, as people’s requirement for mobility and site adaptability of concrete pumping machinery improves further, trailer concrete pumps and pump trucks cannot walk on some special road surface that are easy to sink, skid and damage tires, etc.. In this circumstances, crawler concrete pump appears.

crawler concrete pump from LUTON GROUP
  • Strong Adaptability to Various Terrains

The crawler transport system can walk on its own and has strong adaptability to various road conditions. Especially for complex road conditions such as construction sites, crawler ensures good grip, no slipping and no vehicle sinking.

Thanks for the flexible crawler, concrete pump no only can flexibly walk on various construction sites with limit space, but also easily walk through those rugged terrains which other pump machines cannot walk on, including soft sand, slippery mud, deep grooves, slopes and mountains, and some roads that are more harmful to tire wear.

  • Walking Flexibly and Working Efficiently

By crawlers, concrete pumps can walk independently, no needing fixed working position, greatly improving working efficiency. Like a tank, crawler concrete pump is so stable, sturdy, durable. Not only used with pile foundations, it is also has a strong practical application in various complex engineering constructions such as tunnels, mines and water conservancy.

Moving Methods Comparasion on Different Types of Concrete Pumps

Moving method is now an important factor of mobile concrete pump. Different moving methods lead to different features, configurations and application areas. Also, the moving method of crawler concrete pump is a big highlight compared with other mobile types concrete pumps.

Moving Methods of Concrete Pump Trailer

Concrete pumps with trailers need another traction unit-a truck or a tractor to realize mobility. This method is not suitable to some narrow construction sites, such as tunnel, mine and subway, etc.. What’s more, additional traction units mean more cost consumption inevitably.

Moving Methods of Concrete Pump Truck

Concrete pump trucks need no additional traction unites. Pumping equipment is directly installed on a truck chassis. That is more convenient and more flexible. But, pump trucks are usually with bigger size, it sometimes still doesn’t suit for these especially small and narrow construction sites.

Moving Methods of Crawler Concrete Pump

In this case, crawler concrete pump is necessary. It can walk self-propelledly providing by its crawler, which is driven by hydraulic motor. All equipment is integrated into a whole structure and encased in a durable housing.

luton crawler concrete pump

Why can crawler concrete pump be so compact, simple, flexible and adaptable to various environment?

All these seemingly simple features and advantages comes from a strong power system.

Usually, hydraulic driving method is used in crawler concrete pump power system. This kind of driving method is power by diesel engine or electric engine.

The original power from the diesel or electric motor is divided into two parts: one is transmitted to the hydraulic transmission device of the concrete pumping system to provide power source for each part of actuator, and the other part is used to provide power for the self-propelled hydraulic system to drive the crawler mobile unit to fulfill self-propelled mobility.

All of these, just by simply operating the remote wireless remote control device, the crawler concrete pump can shuttle itself in various complex terrains, reach the front line of construction, and complete the concrete pumping task.

This driving method provides concrete pump products with lower production cost, simple structural layout and easy control method.

Related Concrete Pumps

HBT Series Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump

HBT90 diesel concrete trailer pump

Max. Theo. Output: 30m3/h~90m3/h
Max. Theo. Pumping Length: 300m~1200m
Max. Theo. Pumping Height: 100m~300m
Max. Theo. Pumping Pressure:6MPa~20MPa
Distribution Method: S Valve
Diesel Engine: Yuchai/Weichai 52~176kW

HBT Series Electric Concrete Trailer Pump

Electric concrete pump

Max. Theo. Output: 30m3/h~80m3/h
Max. Theo. Pumping Length: 450m~1200m
Max. Theo. Pumping Height: 140m~300m
Max. Theo. Pumping Pressure:6MPa~16MPa
Distribution Method: S Valve
Electric Engine: 37~110kW

JBS Series Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump

JBS40 diesel mini concrete pump

Max. Theo. Output: 30m3/h~50m3/h
Max. Theo. Pumping Length: 300m~500m
Max. Theo. Pumping Height: 120m~130m
Max. Theo. Pumping Pressure:6MPa / 10MPa
Mixer Machine Type:Drum Mixer
Distribution Method: S Valve
Diesel Engine: Yuchai/Weichai 52~92kW

JBS Series Electric Concrete Mixer Pump


Max. Theo. Output: 40m3/h
Main Oil Pump: Kawasaki
Mixer Machine Model: Twin-shaft Mixer JS500/JS750
Mixer Productivity: 25~35m3/h
Concrete Cylinder diameter/stroke: Φ200/1000 mm
Distribution Method: S Valve
Electric Engine: 45kW

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