How Many Workers Needed in Concrete Mixer Pump Work Process

How many workers needed in concrete mixer pump work process? That is depending on the specific working process.

The whole process, including loading, mixing, pumping and laying concrete, requires a total of about 6 laborers. Each person is very efficient in his own job.

At first, before the mixing pump being put in use, the six workers work together to place the mixing pump in a suitable location and then set up the pipes to the construction site.

Usually we give 100 meters of piping with the machine, which can meet most of the needs on site.

set up concrete mixer pump on site

Then, work is begin. A loader is used for loading materials in the mixer and a worker is needed here to load the cement at the same time.

Loaders are also usually the suitable equipment for loading. So, an experienced operator is needed to do this work.

a worker operates a loader

Next, during the mixing and pumping process. A worker is needed to control the mixing and pumping functions of the equipment while observing the pumping port for blockage.

At the same time, the equipment is usually controlled through a control panel or remote control. Very convenient. The worker takes charge of all the operation of controlling through both manual method and automatic remote controller.

At last, at the end of the pipe, two or three workers are usually required to lay the concrete.We also provide end hoses that can be used according to project requirements.

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