How to Operate the Mixing Pump

For many people who see a concrete mixing pump (also called mixer pump) for the first time, they will quickly understand that it is a multifunctional concrete equipment that can mix and pump concrete, which can improve efficiency and save labor. Therefore, it would be interesting to know if it is difficult to operate such a machine.

This article will give you a brief introduction on how to operate the mixing pump.

Luton concrete mixing pump

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1.Piping is placed according to the site conditions, and usually a reasonable piping arrangement can pump concrete to wherever you want.

Luton concrete mixing pump on construction site

We usually attach 60-100m of piping with the equipment, which can meet the needs of most customers’ construction sites.

2.To start the equipment, an operator is required to turn on the functions of feeding, mixing and pumping separately according to the needs of the project. It can usually be operated by control panel or remote control.

operation interface

The operation interface is a button operation, which is very convenient.

The remote control that comes with the equipment allows the operator to control the equipment more flexibly. Usually the effective distance of the remote control is 100 m, which can meet the needs of controlling the equipment in different positions.

3.After that it can be loaded by loader or manually, the mixing function will be turned on and the mixed finished concrete will be fed directly into the pumping device.

concrete fed into the pumping device

Finally, the concrete is pumped through the pipeline to the desired construction site.

concrete construction site

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