Portable Asphalt Plant for Sale

Portable asphalt plant for sale is one type of asphalt plant. What do you know about asphalt plant? As asphalt plant is a significant tool for the road pavement construction, it has been playing a vital role in our life.

Therefore, Asphalt stations are indispensable for construction projects such as highways, municipal roads, airports, ports, parking lots, etc. Asphalt plant has some alternative names such as asphalt mixing plant, asphalt concrete mixing plant, asphalt hot mix plant, etc.

It is the mechanical equipment for mixing asphalt mixture. The asphalt mixing mixture is that the aggregates (sand, stone) in different particle sizes, binders (asphalt or residual oil) and fillers (mineral powder) are mixed according to special proportion.

Portable asphalt plant for sale

Classification of Asphalt Plant

Classification of asphalt plant is diverse on the basis of the different reference standard. The asphalt plant can be divided into small, medium and large-size mixing plant according to production capacity.

  • Small size: is the plant that the capacity is less 80 tph.
  • Medium size: is the plant with a capacity of 100-240 tph.
  • Large size: is the plant that the capacity is over 320 tph.

Based on the transportation mode, the asphalt plant can be categorized mobile, semi-stationary and stationary asphalt mixing plant.

  • The mobile type: is the plant that filler silo and mixing pot are equipped with tires. Therefore this mobile hot mix plant can be transferred with the construction sites. And it is suitable for county-rural roads and low grade road projects.
  • The semi-stationary type:is the plant that the relevant facilities are equipped with several trailers and they can be assembled on-sites. Generally, the semi-stationary asphalt plant is suitable for highway construction.
  • The stationary type: is the plant that working site location is static. Meanwhile it has another name – the asphalt concrete processing factory, and it is mainly used for concentrated projects and construction of urban road.

Based on the technological process, the asphalt plant consists of two basic types: continuous (drum) and forced batch mixing plant.

  • Continuous (drum) type: is the plant that is the plant that heating and drying of the cold aggregate and the stirring of mixture are continuously carried out in the same drum.
  • Forced batch type asphalt plant: is the plant that the heating and drying of aggregates and the mixing of mixtures are forced to be carried out periodically. Besides, the production of asphalt mixture is carried out batch by batch. The cycle length of each batch is 45-60 seconds.
asphalt plant for sale

How does An Asphalt Plant Work

The cold material in the cold bin is firstly transported to the dryer drum through the belt conveyor, secondly the dried aggregate is transported to the vibrating screen for screening by the hot material elevator, and the screened aggregate falls into each compartment of the hot material silo.

Then aggregate and powder fall into its own weighing bucket through the relative chamber door with being measured by an electronic scale. Next they are put into the mixing tank; lastly all mixtures are fully mixed, asphalt mixture is formed and unloaded to the hopper car.

The feeding hopper car is unloaded into the mixed material storage bin through the track, and finally the mixed materials are placed on the transport vehicle through the unloading gate.

working process of asphalt batching plant

Mini Asphalt Plant for Sale

The mini asphalt plant for sale refers to the plant that the productivity is much less than 80t per hour. And it has the characteristics of small module, fast installation and simple operation, and is suitable for road paving and maintenance. Mini asphalt plants for sale are mainly used for small-sized asphalt production as well as small-sized road pavement and rehabilitation projects.

The mini asphalt plants available for purchase are shown as below:

Mini stationary asphalt plant

Portable Asphalt Plant for Sale

The portable asphalt plant for sale is the plant that components are mounted directly on the trailers. So it will be the best choice when the working site needs to be changed frequently without affecting production schedule. The portable hot mix plant is on the chassis to facilitate rapid installation and start-up. One of the key advantages is that there is no need to set up the foundation, which can save the extra costs.

Characteristics of Portable Hot Mix Plant for Sale

Characteristics of portable hot mix plant for sale are shown as below:

Fast Installation and Transportation

The portable hot mix plant for sale enjoys the modular design and its components in separate pieces are mounted on several trailers. That shortens the installation time because you can directly assemble the several trailers and start to work immediately. Also, you can drive it to other construction sides at any time without considering the other platform truck.

Easy Operation and Maintenance

Featured by simple structure, modular and automatic design, the portable hot mix plant for sale is very easy for workers to operate. Besides, it has the smaller size than the stationary asphalt mix plant, so its maintenance is quite easy as well.

Small Occupation area

The portable asphalt mixing plant is made up of separate components mounted on the trailers, it has a small occupation area because of the joint connection of each part. Thus, it saves the occupation area to a large extent.

Low Equipment Cost

Unlike the stationary mixing plant, the portable hot mix plant doesn’t need to lay the foundation, you can save a portion of extra expense and you can use it to buy more material for producing asphalt.

Specifications of Portable Asphalt Mix Plant for Sale

Luton portable asphalt mix plant available in stock is mainly including LBQY-60, LBQY-80.

mobile batch asphalt plant

Details of Portable Bituminous Mixing Plant for Sale

Cold Aggregate Bin

Luton portable bituminous mixing plant is usually equipped with four cold aggregate containers as a group. Of course, the number of cold aggregate bin can be customized according to the clients’ requirements, budget plan and construction conditions.

Each container has a draw-off bin gate to control the flow of cold aggregate. So cold aggregate can meet the requirement of proportion.

flat belt machine

Conveyor Belt

The conveyor belt conducts a preliminary measurement of cold aggregate. Then it conveys the cold aggregate to the dryer drum.

Dryer Drum

For Luton portable bituminous mixing plant, the dryer drum is mounted on a chassis. That makes it easy to move from one construction site to another and saves much time. The external surface of the dryer drum is coated with thermal insulating layer to reduce the loss of heat. What’s more, the utilization of the stainless steel alloy materials can prolong the service life of the dryer drum.

drying drum

Dust Filter

The dust collecting system of the Luton portable hot mix plant has multiple options such as water dust filter, bag dust filter and cyclone dust collector. Among them, the bag dust collecting system is the optimal choice because of its environmental friendly. After dust collecting, the concentration of dust can be maintained at a level of 50mg/m3.

Asphalt Storage Tank

The role of the asphalt storage tank is to store and supply asphalt. Also, it can receive the heat from the heat conduction oil tank and heat asphalt to a certain temperature.

small asphalt batching plant

Filler Silo

The role of filler silo is to store and supply filler materials.


The Luton portable asphalt plant for sale uses the twin-shaft mixer. The materials of mixing blades and liners are wear resistant, so the mixer has a long service life. And one mixing cycle is 45 seconds, which realizes the stable production process.

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