Process From Production To Delivery of Concrete Mixer Pump

Since we are a concrete manufacturer from China, many overseas customers are interested in our equipment but also have questions about the process from production to delivery of concrete mixer pump to the customer. Today we will answer you how we produce and deliver equipment to our customers.


After receiving an order from the customer, we will produce the equipment in our factory in strict accordance with the production standards.



After the equipment is produced, we will test the equipment in all aspects. To ensure that the equipment can be put into work directly after it arrives at the customer’s site.

Loading containers


Most of our concrete mixer pump can be packed into standard containers for easy transportation. Inside the container we will secure it to prevent bumping during transportation.


The containers are transported by sea to the customer’s port.

Finally, the container arrives at the customer’s port and the customer clears customs, it can be picked up from customs.

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