Static Concrete Pump

The Description of the Static Concrete Pump

A static concrete pump also called a stationary concrete pump, trailer mounted pump, is a type of concrete delivery pump generally mounted on a single trailer frame. As the tool of conveying concrete to the specified construction sites, an extra placing pipeline or hose is needed because the static concrete pump doesn’t have the boom system. Therefore, the concrete can be conveyed to the required area under the action of the pipeline.

Static Concrete Pump Specification

There are a variety of static concrete pumps or trailer mounted concrete pumps, so it’s very difficult to present the specification of a static concrete pump specification.

But the specification is mainly on the parameter of the static concrete pump, the specifications of various static concrete pumps are much of a muchness. Takes the HBTS30-10-48R for an example shown as the below:

The Principle of Static Concrete Pump

The high-pressure oil output by the main oil pump is distributed to the main oil cylinder through the sequence valves, which pushes the piston rod of the main oil cylinder back and forth.

Because the piston rod of the main oil cylinder is linked with the piston rod of the concrete cylinder, the piston rod of the concrete cylinder will move backwards and forwards under the push of the high-pressure oil. The suction and extrusion of concrete will be carried out.

Meanwhile, two swing oil cylinders drive the swing arm, which will result in switching of S-shaped valve back and forth between the two concrete cylinder outlets under the influence of the swing arm.

Through the continuous reciprocating motion of the concrete cylinders and switching of S-shaped valve backwards and forwards, the continuous suction and extrusion pressure of concrete can be realized, so as to realize the whole pumping process.

concrete pressure pump

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Static Concrete Pump Dimensions

The dimensions of the different type of static concrete pumps driven by the same electric motor or diesel engine vary each other. Similarly, the dimensions of the same type of static concrete pumps driven by the different engines. Examples are shown as the following chart:

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Static Line Concrete Pump

In general, the concrete pump can be divided into two types: the boom pumps and the line pumps. A line pump refers to the pump which is mounted on a trailer frame or a truck chassis. And the line pump pumps the liquid concrete to the specified construction sites via a hose or pipeline in the horizontal or vertical direction.

A hose or pipeline is featured by the high flexibility, so the concrete can be pumped to the place where the location is mountainous or the truck can’t reach. What’s more, the line pump is much more compact than the boom pump, so it’s convenient to transfer the line pump to the construction sites required.

As previously mentioned, a line pump refers to the trailer mounted or truck mounted pump, and static concrete pump is equal to the trailer mounted pump, so the static line concrete pump exactly belongs to the trailer mounted pump.

Static Concrete Boom Pump

The static concrete boom pump is the concrete boom pump. A concrete boom pump refers to the pump which is mounted on a truck chassis.

Obviously, the boom pump has a flexible, multiple-section and folded arm(called boom), and the boom can be controlled by a remote controller, so the cement can be pumped to the specific construction area where the concrete line pump can’t be accessible.

Maybe someone wonders what is the distinction between the boom pump and the truck mounted pump.

Compared with the truck mounted pump, the boom pump has an extra supporting arm(the boom), so it can convey the concrete to the destination even though there isn’t a delivery pipeline on it, however, the truck mounted pump has to add to a delivery pipeline to convey the concrete.

concrete placing boom

Static Concrete Pump Price

The price of the static concrete pump is influenced by these factors such as the outlet pressure, delivery capacity, power and the types of engines and so on.

The following is a introduction of HBTS series diesel concrete pump prices. Prices for different model parameters of the diesel concrete pump vary.

For instance, the price of HBTSB40-10-66R is different from that of HBTSC40-10-82R even though they have the same conveying capacity and delivery pressure because of the difference of impetus.

The price of HBTSB40-10-66R ranges from $20,000 to $22,000, and the price of HBTSC40-10-82R ranges from $22,000 to $23,000.

The price of HBTS60-12-82R ranges from $23,000 to $25,000.

The price of HBTS80-16-129R is $11,000 higher than that of HBTS60-12-82R, and its price ranges from $34,000 to $36,000.

The price of HBTS80-13-129R is the highest among HBTS series diesel concrete pumps, of which the price is $36,000~ $38,000.

Static Concrete Pump Manufacturers

With the rapid development of the global economy, the construction projects can be seen everywhere such as the high-rise building, bridges, tunnels, and water conservancy and so on. Therefore, the concrete pump comes to rise in response to the proper time.

Static Concrete Pump Manufacturers Overseas

The concrete pump market across the world is highly integrated, and the major shares are owned by the transnational manufacturers such as Putzmeister and Concord.

These suppliers develop new products based on innovation and provide efficient after-sales service, making them the top leaders in the concrete machinery sector. The following enterprises are the top 4 manufacturers of concrete pump in the world.

  • Concord Concrete Pumps:

Concord Concrete Pumps leads the development of concrete pumps in the worldwide scale, and the company makes its way by manufacturing the truck mounted pump or boom pump in the North America.

The largest boom pump manufactured make the enterprise gain the extensive attention by the general public.


LIEBHERR is a large equipment manufacturer based in Switzerland, and the concrete pump is one of management businesses it made.

  • Putzmeister

Putzmeister, established in1989 in Germany, now affiliated to Sany Group, is a large-sized construction machinery manufacturer specializing in research and development, manufacturing and sales of construction machinery.

  • SCHWING Stetter

SCHWING Stetter, as the leading manufacturer of the concrete pump, is a concrete technology company based in Germany, which manufactured its first hydraulic twin-cylinder concrete pump in 1957 and its first truck mixer in 1958.

Static Concrete Pump Manufacturers in China

It’s known to us that China’s capital construction leads the world. The development of the capital construction promotes the grow of the concrete machinery market.

The Top 3 manufacturers of static concrete pump are presented in the following.     

  • Sany

Sany Group is founded in 1989, which is largest machinery manufacturer in China and the fifth largest in the world.

  • Zoomlion

Zoomlion, established in1992, as a well-known trademark in high-end equipment industry around the world, is an equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating construction machinery, agricultural machinery and financing service.

  • Luton

Luton is a leading manufacturer of the concrete pump in China. The concrete pumps available in our company are diverse, such as Concrete Line Pump Truck, Concrete Mixer Pump, Concrete Mixer Pump, Concrete Boom Truck and others.   

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