Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Get to Saudi Arabia

Truck mounted concrete pump get to Saudi Arabia successfully. The pump, JBS-30C truck mounted concrete mixing pump from LUTON GROUP CO.,LTD., is the first mixing pump truck officially unveiled in Saudi Arabia.

Features of This Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Get To Saudi Arabia

The trouck-mounted mixing pump is a special engineering vehicle that integrates the functions of feeding, mixing, pumping, and walking on the vehicle chassis. It is mainly used for: residential construction, water conservancy dams, villages Road laying, foundation filling.

The body structure is excellent and the layout is reasonable. The chassis is mature and reliable, with excellent performance, comfortable driving and easy maintenance.

The electronic control adopts advanced technologies such as microcomputer intelligent control. The hydraulic part adopts advanced technologies such as open circuit system and constant power control.

The mechanical part adopts high-efficiency and high-stability machining parts and a forced mixer.

The pumping concrete pressure is strong and powerful, and it has a high and low pressure conversion device, which can adapt to higher requirements.

Wider application, more flexible transition and higher efficiency.