What is the Aggregate Batching Plant

aggregate batching machine of HZS75

What is the aggregate batching plant? The aggregate batching machine is mainly used for the quantitative distribution of the aggregates. It is also called as the aggregate batcher, automatic sand batching plant, and widely used in concrete industry. It can replace the manual bench scale and volumetric batch plant.

Models: PLD800,PLD1200, PLD1600, PLD2400, PLD3200, PLD4800

Types of Aggregate Batching Plants

Based on the types of aggregate, the batching plant can be classified as two hoppers, three hoppers and four hoppers.

batching machine for concrete plant
skip hopper concrete batching plant
aggregate batching machine of HZS75

According to the form of measurement: the batching plant can be classified as cumulative measurement and separate measurement.

According to the operation mode, the batching machine can be classified as the belt type and air cylinder.

Main Parts of Batching Machine

The aggregate batching machine is composed of the feeding system, weighing system and electrical control system.

Feeding system: the feeding system is composed of the storage hopper and feeding machine. It can store the aggregates and feed the aggregate into weighing hopper under the control system.

Weighing system: as the key part of the batching plant, it is composed of the hopper, suspension system, sensor and batching controller.

Electrical control system: as the core of the batching plant, it can complete the weighing, display, operation, and automatic proportioning of the batching plant. It is composed of the batching controller and strong circuit.

The Working Principal of the Aggregate Batching Plant

The aggregates including sand and stone will be feed into the each storage hopper by the loader. But if the batching plant is installed under the ground, it also can be loaded by manual. Inputting the recipe to the weighing controller in accordance with the instructions of the requirements. After pressing the batching button, the batching machine will begin the automatic batching program.

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