Asphalt Plant Germany

Luton has been studying the advanced technology of asphalt plant Germany. Our company will send technicians to Germany every year for study and research. We also introduce advanced technology from Germany to continuously improve our asphalt mixing plant. Our bitumen plant combines the advanced technology and our own advantages. So Luton asphalt plant has been recognized by customers for the high quality and low price.

Asphalt Plant Germany

Top 3 Manufacturers of Asphalt Plant Germany


Ammann is a world-leading supplier in the construction industry. Ammann has 150 years history, and has had a presence in the asphalt plant industry for more than 100 years. Ammann is divided into batch asphalt plant and continuous asphalt plant.


BENNINGHOVEN is a famous manufacturer in asphalt plant in Germany, it is one of company of WIRTGEN GROUP.


Lintec & Linnhoff, founded in 1919, is the manufacturer and distributor of cutting-edge asphalt mixing plants.

Asphalt Plant for sale Luton

Asphalt Plant Baghouse

The first stage dust removal system is gravity dust remover, which has simple structure and high dust removal efficiency.

The secondary dust removal is baghouse. The Differential pressure indicator is installed in the upper and lower chamber of the baghouse. The value indicates the degree of dust adsorption on the baghouse. The operator can adjust the interval and time of back blowing according to the value of Differential pressure indicator, to ensure that the baghouse is always the best working condition.

Bag type dust collector

The baghouse is equipped with high and low temperature alarm and ultra high temperature automatic fire breaking device. So the dust removal system works reliably. The filter bag is not easy to condensation and burn, which greatly improve the dust removal efficiency and the service life of the baghouse. The dust collected from the baghouse is transported to the powder weighing bucket for reuse through the spiral at the bottom of the box.

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