Asphalt Plant in Nepal

The asphalt plant in Nepal plays a positive role in improving the infrastructure situation. Nepal’s infrastructure construction is relatively weak. China’s road construction and machinery equipment manufacturer – Luton attaches great importance to Nepal’s market development and believes that Nepal’s market has broad prospects for development. So far, Luton has exported several sets of asphalt plants to Nepal.

stationary asphalt mixing plant

LT-YHT40 Drum Mixing Asphalt Plant in Nepal


Plant Location: Nepal

Type: Continuous Mixing, Drum Mixing, Mobile Plant

Model: LT-YHT40

Productivity: 40 t/h

Manufacture and Shipment

In February 2022, company’s salesperson received an inquiry from Nepal from the official mailbox. After communicating with Nepalese customer, Luton learned about his general situation. The client is a personal engineering contractor in Kathmandu, who contracted the construction project of a large parking lot near the local area. According to the customer’s project construction requirements and personal investment budget, the salesperson recommended him this mobile drum mixing asphalt plant -YHT40.

For this purpose, the business team held a video conference with the customer to introduce the specific information of this asphalt plant in detail. After that, the customer and the business staff reached a consensus and booked the asphalt plant. Due to the urgent construction period of the project at hand, he required to manufacture the product as early as possible. Luton finally manufactured the asphalt plant and packed it for customers in mid and late March 2022 and sent it to Nepal.


Stationary Asphalt Plant for Sale in Nepal

The stationary asphalt plant for sale in Nepal is QLB Series mixing plant with production capacity of 40 tph~320 tph. The stationary asphalt plant is featured by large occupied area, elegant appearance and modularized design. And it is mainly used for a long-term fixed production site. Besides, it has a strict requirement on the construction because of its large size. You should take a consideration before buying it.


Mobile Asphalt Plant for Sale in Nepal

The mobile asphalt plant for sale in Nepal includes two types: LTD series (drum type) and QLBY series (batch type). The asphalt plant of LTD series can reach 20 tph ~ 80 tph while the asphalt plant of QLBY series can reach 10 tph ~ 80 tph. The mobile asphalt plant is characterised by fast transportation and installation, low transportation and maintenance cost, less foundation, wide application range and fully automatic control. Therefore the mobile asphalt plant in Nepal is suitable for these projects such as the county-rural roads, low grade highways, road maintenance and mountainous highways. The related specifications are shown as below:

Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant (Drum Mixing Type) :

QLBY series Batch Type Mobile Asphalt:


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