Batch Type Hot Mix Plant

Batch type hot mix plant is one type of the most widespread complete set of hot mix asphalt equipment, which producing asphalt materials batch by batch in forced stirring machinery. This forced producing method of batch type hot mix plant, compared with the continuous mixing method of drum type hot mix plant, is more suitable … Read more

Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant

Asphalt drum mixing plant, as one of the two basic types of asphalt plant, can continuously produce the hot mix asphalt mixture. Compared with the asphalt batch plant, it has more simple structure, less occupation area, lower cost and more flexible operation. The capacity of asphalt drum mixing plant in Luton is 10t/h to 80t/h. … Read more

Cold Mix Asphalt Plant

Cold mix asphalt plant is the equipment that produces cold mix asphalt. First the article explains what is cold mix asphalt. After that, you will learn the cold mix asphalt plant well. Asphalt mixture can generally be divided into three categories including hot mix asphalt, cold mix asphalt and warm mix asphalt based on the … Read more

Bitumen Production Plant

Foreword Bitumen production plant, likewise called bitumen processing plant, is a sort of petrochemical devices that is made use of to generate base asphalt via the purification or distillation of crude oil. In this purification procedure, fuel and diesel are removed from the raw oil, leading the heavier bitumen left behind. Of course, the above … Read more

Bitumen Batching Plant

Introduction Bitumen batching plant is a complete set of equipment for production of finished asphalt mixture batch by batch. Due to the mixer, there is a time interval between two mixing batches, so it is also called intermittent asphalt plant. The mixing of mixture is carried in batches, and also the mixing period of each … Read more

Bitumen batch mix plant

Do you know what is a bitumen batch mix plant? Before that, the bitumen mix plant is introduced first.It is a type of blending equipment that mixes the hot aggregates and fillers (powder, cement and etc) with various particle dimensions in a certain percentage, makes use of bitumen as the binder, and mixes them right … Read more

Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Nowadays, more and more medium and small-size project contractors need to change job sites frequently to ensure constant project supply. To meet the clients’ requirements and needs, Luton launched the mobile asphalt drum mix plant in line with the development trend of the construction area. Since the mobile asphalt drum mix plant came into the … Read more

Asphalt Mixing Plant Portable

Do you know the applications of asphalt mixing plant portable? Do you understand the its attributes? As it’s recognized to us that the asphalt mixing plant has numerous types according to the various recommendation criterion. And also each asphalt mixing plant has its detailed function. This post will certainly present the Luton asphalt mixing plant … Read more

Counter Flow Asphalt Plant

According to the production process, there are two basic types of asphalt plants: intermittent/batch type and drum type. And the drum type asphalt plant can also be divided into parallel flow asphalt plant and counter flow asphalt plant on the basis of whether the flow of aggregate is consistent with the direction of burner flame. … Read more

Mobile Bitumen Plant

The mobile bitumen plant is a basic type of asphalt mixing plant, and it has been favored by the majority of engineering and pavement construction contractors since it came into being. What are the praiseworthy features and components of the mobile bitumen plant? Do you know the applicable scope of mobile bitumen plant? Let’s understand … Read more