Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Nowadays, more and more medium and small-size project contractors need to change job sites frequently to ensure constant project supply. To meet the clients’ requirements and needs, Luton launched the mobile asphalt drum mix plant in line with the development trend of the construction area. Since the mobile asphalt drum mix plant came into the … Read more

Asphalt Mixing Plant Portable

As asphalt plant is a substantial tool for the road sidewalk building and construction, it has actually been playing a vital duty in infrastructure improvement. For that reason, Asphalt plants are essential for building jobs such as highways, local roadways, airports, ports, car park, and so on. As it’s recognized to us that the asphalt … Read more

Counter Flow Asphalt Plant

According to the production process, there are two basic types of asphalt plants: intermittent/batch type and drum type. And the drum type asphalt plant can also be divided into parallel flow asphalt plant and counter flow asphalt plant on the basis of whether the flow of aggregate is consistent with the direction of burner flame. … Read more

Mobile Bitumen Plant

The mobile bitumen plant is a basic type of asphalt mixing plant, and it has been favored by the majority of engineering and pavement construction contractors since it came into being. What are the praiseworthy features and components of the mobile bitumen plant? Do you know the applicable scope of mobile bitumen plant? Let’s understand … Read more

JBT30 Concrete Mixer With Pump

JBT30 concrete mixer with pump is a hot model of small concrete mixer pump. With compact structure and high efficient performance, it is especially suitable for small and medium scale constructions.Just start your investment in construction field? Looking for a small pumping machine for your project? Think about the JBT30 concrete mixer with pump machine. … Read more

Small Asphalt Plant

Types of Small Asphalt Plant There are three small asphalt plant available in Luton – small drum asphalt plant, small stationary asphalt plant and small mobile asphalt plant. Small Drum Asphalt Plant Drum type asphalt plant includes two types: continuous single drum asphalt mix plant and double drum asphalt mix plant. As for the single … Read more

Tar Mixing Plant

The tar mixing plant, also named asphalt plant, asphalt concrete mixing plant, asphalt mixing plant, hot mix plant, bitumen mixing plant and bituminous mixing plant, is the whole equipment that is used for quantity production of asphalt concrete or asphalt mix. It can also manufacture modified asphalt and colored asphalt mixture, and is the essential … Read more

Small Portable Asphalt Plants for Sale

As it’s known to us that the asphalt mixing plant has various types according to the different reference standard. And each asphalt mixing plant has its specific purpose. Do you know the applications of small portable asphalt plants? Do you know the their characteristics? This article will introduce the Luton small portable asphalt plants for … Read more

Mobile Hot Mix Plant

Hot Mix The hot mix refers to the asphalt mix that the aggregates (sand, stone) in different particle sizes, binders (asphalt or residual oil) and fillers (mineral powder) are mixed according to specified proportion under the 180-220 temperature. The mobile hot mix plant is also called as the mobile asphalt mixing plant. How Hot Mix … Read more

Mini Hot Mix Plant

Mini hot mix plant is also called mini asphalt mixing plant or mini asphalt plant with output capacity less than 80t/h. It actually is a set of functional equipment to conveniently and efficiently supply asphalt material for all kinds of road construction. With compact structure and high performance, mini hot mix plant is widely used … Read more