Batching Plant Process Flow Chart

Batching plant process flow chart in this article is based on high quality concrete batching plant products from LUTON GROUP. High efficiency, good performance, long service life and easy maintenance. With so many advantages, how does definitely concrete batching plant work? Get to know it through the batching plant process flow chart.

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Concrete Batching Plant Process Flow Chart

As one of the most common concrete machinery in construction industry, concrete batching plant with high working efficiency and accurate mixing performance perfectly meets the different needs of various concrete building construction. Under the conduction of the intelligent control system, concrete batching plant completes automatically all the process of concrete producing: materials feeding, weighing, conveying, mixing and discharging.

Concrete Batching Plant Process Flow Chart
Concrete Batching Plant Process Flow Chart

We all know to produce concrete, several kinds of materials are necessary: aggregates (coarse stone, fine stone, sand etc..), powder materials (cement, mineral powder, fly ash etc..), water and additive.

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Materials Feeding

All these raw materials are fed into their storage system by different ways:

  • Aggregates are fed by wheel loader.
  • Cement are fed by cement truck.
  • Water is fed by water pump.
  • Additive is fed by additive pump.

Materials Measuring

When all materials are ready, the next process is material measuring. To ensure accurate ingredient ratios, precise raw material measuring is the key point. Raw materials are all measured by their independent measuring systems.

  • Aggregate Batching

For different kinds of aggregate, the batching machine with 2-4 hoppers can storage 2-4 kinds of aggregate materials.

Some batching machines are equipped with a weighing hopper under each storage hopper for each aggregate weighing, which is called individual weighing. There are also only one weighing hopper under the 2-4 storage hoppers that is because this kind of batching machine adopts the weighing method called cumulative weighing.

  • Cement Measuring

Cement powder is weighed in measuring hopper after transmitted by screw conveyor.

material weighing hoppers of concrete batching plant
  • Water and Additive Measuring

Water measuring system and additive measuring system are both installed over the concrete mixing machine. When water and additive are pumped into their separate measuring hoppers, weighing process begins. Usually, weighed additive is discharged into the water hopper, then unloaded into the mixing host together with the weighed water.

Material Conveying

Different materials are conveyed by different methods:

Material Mixing

All sorts of materials are ready, then goes into the crucial step, mixing process. With powerful mixing capacity, concrete mixer ( horizontal twin-shaft mixer, vertical-shaft planetary mixer, etc..) fully and evenly mixes all sorts of materials in it by stirring shaft and blades on it. About 60-70 seconds later, this batch of concrete product is done.

Concrete Discharging

When concrete product is done, the discharge door under the mixing host will be opened by hydraulic device, then concrete are unloaded into the concrete mixer truck or concrete pump machine waiting under the discharge door. In this way, concrete will be delivered to the construction project sites.

Concrete Batching Plant Controlling Flow Chart

To realize the above working process automatically, engineers designed intelligent controlling system. All these procedures are preset in the industrial computer in the form of digital programs. With the addition of automatic monitoring, automatic alarm, automatic compensation and data storage as well as other functional programs, the control system can realize the producing process control and manage of the entire concrete batching plant. Before production, the operator only needs to enter the required parameters of the concrete batching ratio into the human-computer interface of the industrial computer and click the button to automatically realize the complete process flow.

Concrete Batch Plant Control System Working Process

Step1. Industrial computer receives the initial data from the human-computer interface

Step2. Computer starts the running command to start the whole workflow.

Step3. Computer calculates the digital information about various materials weights and sends to the PLC controller.

Step4. Load cells of each material weighing system transmit the weighing data to the controller in real time.

Step5. PLC controller compares the real data with the pre-set data and sends data to pneumatic system to shut the discharge doors when the weighing data is up to the preset data.

Step6. After receiving the instructions of the industrial computer, the PLC controls the actions of the solenoid valve and motor to fulfill the mixing process .

In the whole working process, sensors send the real information of weighing device and mixing machine to computer to monitor the whole weighing and mixing process, when the real-time data deviates from the preset value, the computer will automatically compensate the deviation. All the process is visible on dynamic display in the controlling room by operators.

A concrete batching plant is a multiple functional systems that combined together and cooperate with each other to realize the whole concrete producing process. They are controlled and organized orderly by the industrial computer.

Now, by the batch plant produce flow chart and the control system working process, it is clear how concrete batching plant work. Wish this batch plant produce flow chart could help you to know more about concrete batching plant.