Cement Pump Truck

Generally in the opinion of industry veteran in the construction machinery, a cement pump truck is the exactly same as a concrete pump truck. Despite the difference of their names, they both refer to concrete boom pump.

And in fact the netizens who search for a cement pump truck on the internet aim to look up the information on the concrete boom pump. The cement pump truck is a machine which uses the pressure to convey cement continuously along the pipe.

Cement Boom Truck

Before introducing the cement boom truck, the boom truck is presented first. In simple terms, the pump truck is the machine that is used to transport and pour concrete. It integrates fast driving, concrete pumping and placing concrete materials.

The pump truck can accurately transport cement to the specified position via the boom system, which can not only ensure the quality, but also improve the speed.

The cement pump truck is comprised of the pump body installed on a truck chassis, the elastic placing boom and a truck. Because the cement boom pump has the independent booms, the cement can be conveyed to the designated location through the delivery pipeline via the boom system.

24m concrete boom pump

Cement Mixer Pump Truck

The cement mixer pump truck is improved and developed on the basis of the cement pump truck, which integrates the functions of cement transportation, pumping and placing. It is featured by compact structure, high efficiency and enough flexibility.

In short, the cement mixer pump truck is the combination of the cement mixer truck and the cement pump truck. Some important pumping parts of the pump truck are installed on the multiple-axle bearing chassis such as the boom, feed port, gate valve and main oil cylinder as well as the delivery cylinder.

Besides, other storage parts are added to form a machine which can pump and pour cement independently. These storage parts are including the small roller available to store a small amount of cement, the functional water tank body and the oil tank body.

The cement carried by the mixer pump truck can meet the needs of small volume pumping operation. When pumping the cement in large quantity, it can also supplement the disadvantage of lack of materials in the transportation process of the mixer truck to realize continuous pumping, which is time-saving and economical.
Pumping the cement via a cement mixer truck is a new cement operation scheme.

Cement Boom Pump

The cement boom pump, also named the concrete boom pump, is a machine which uses a rotating and articulated arm (placing boom) which has a pumping pipeline to convey concrete.

A cement boom pump or the boom truck is the optimum choice for pouring the substantial quantities of cement quickly and pumping cement to the high-rise building effectively.

Especially in the field of high-rise buildings, the cement pump truck has been rapidly developed and widely used because of its unique performance.

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How much does a Cement Pump Truck Cost?

Generally speaking, the price of a cement pump truck is determined by these factors such as brands, the length of the boom, the configuration and materials, and technology and leaving factory standard.

For example, different brands have different guarantees for product quality, service and after-sales, the prices of different brands are also different. Therefore the price of a concrete boom pump is at $110,000-$450,000.

concrete boom pump

How to Operate a Cement Pump Truck?

The reinforcement of the landing leg is the first step, which is the precondition for the subsequent steps. After the completion of the landing leg, shift the change-over switch to the boom.

Second, turn on the remote controller and press the horn. Then, when listening to the horn ring, press the ack(acknowledge character) button on the electric control cabinet to confirm that the support mode is open. Next is the operation of the boom.

First extend the first-section arm. And keep the rest of arms closed during extending the first-section arm. Until the first-section arm become completely straight, the rest of arms can be opened in sequence.

Meanwhile, it’s also necessary to gently push and pull the handle of the mobile remote control. Besides, pay attention to the surrounding working environment. To be more specific, make ensure that there is no high-voltage wire nearby and no person under the boom.

If the wireless remote controller cannot be used, the following operations can be adopted under normal conditions of the hydraulic system:

Press the manual power button of boom with one hand, and operate the boom multiple unit valve handle with the other hand to control the movement of the boom.

How does a Cement Pump Truck Work?

The chassis of the cement pump truck is mainly used to provide the impetus for the movement and operation of the pump truck.

The chassis pushes the shift fork in the transfer case through the pneumatic device, then the shift fork drives the clutch sleeve, which can switch the power of the automobile engine back and forth through the transfer case.

The engine power is switched to the rear axle of the truck to drive the pump truck while switched to the hydraulic pump to complete the transportation and distribution of cement.

How far Can a Cement Pump Truck Reach?

The cement pump truck can pump the cement via the delivery pump to the construction site with the operation radius of 650 meters and a height of less than 150 meters.

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