Concrete Pressure Pump

Once a crane was used to lift high buckets that were filled with concrete in construction sites. And the biggest issue was that the crane just lifted the one or limited bucket at one time therefore to increase the quantity concrete pressure pumps were introduced in the market.

Today, the demand for concrete pumps has risen in the market globally owing to its safety, quality and increased productivity and used everywhere in industrial infrastructures to real estates, etc. Also, increase in labor cost and minimum construction time boost the effectiveness of concrete pressure pumps.

concrete pressure pump

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What Is Concrete Pressure Pump?

A concrete pressure pump is used to convey the liquid concrete from the container to the construction site, thus a significant part of all construction projects. As we all know, unlike cranes, concrete pumps also transfer high masses of premixed concrete fast and are considered perfect for large construction projects. It works by using a valve system along with principles of hydraulics.

Types of Concrete Pressure Pumps

Concrete pumps come in various types — high pressure concrete pumps and low pressure concrete pumps.

High pressure concrete pump

High pressure concrete pump as the name suggests has high pressure that means you can use it in highly constructed areas where high pressure is required. It has improved performance that is essential in practical usage. High pressure concrete pumps play an important role in all pumping operations for high pressure, small volumes, and large volumes.

Low pressure concrete pump

Low pressure concrete pumps as the name suggests have low pressure and is used in small construction site because it has minimum pressure power thus useful for small projects.

concrete pump equipment

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Concrete Pump Line Pressure

Concrete line pumps are usually used in small projects. The arrangement of this pump has a line pump that is attached to the back of a given truck or the trailer. Hence the arrangement also known as trailer mounted concrete pump plus truck mounted concrete pump.

A concrete line pump based on a long hose that is attached to a line pump which is mounted on a trailer. This hose allows pouring concrete easily and is a horizontal pump. Concrete line pumps are also very small & compact than their max pump counterparts, making it easier to transport around a job site.

  • Output capacity(m³/h): 40 ~ 85
  • Engine type: electric, diesel

concrete pumps pressure

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Concrete Pump Max Pressure

In order to delivery concrete to higher or farther site, delivery pressure shall be increased. Taking the concrete trailer pump as an example.


Hydraulic pressure

Theoretical output pressure under high pressure

Theoretical concrete output under high pressure





Concrete Max Pump vs. Line Pump:

If you are processing a larger project plus a commercial project where you want to fastly pump a lot of concrete, you might want a max pump that can spit out almost 150 cubic yards of concrete per hour. Max pump is a better fit for large commercial projects because max pump can reach out higher into the air plus it tends to be more expensive than that of line pump.

In contrast, a smaller residential job or commercial job, line pumps are usually a better choice. You have high flexibility and you can deliver the required concrete plus will save money relative to a max pump.

Hydraulic Concrete Pump with Pressure Gauge

Concrete pumps are a perfect maze of hydraulic technology. There are plenty of separate components which all should be functioned properly in order to offer the simple task of pushing concrete and piston moving through a pipe. Hydraulics are very pretty easy if you take a small time to understand what is actually happening here.

The basic system consists of:

  • A pump that transporting the concrete mixture,
  • A motor or cylinder which perform the work,
  • Reservoir to store the fluid
  • A power source which drives the pump. The magic lies in control devices which guide the pump, the tank, the cylinder, and the motor to perform what is required at the appropriate time.

ground concrete line pump

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How to Choose a Concrete Pump?

The concrete pump is always selected on the specific requirements regarding the construction project. A perfect and right choice of all concrete pumps are decides on the following parameters:

  • Manufacturer proven authentication of the Concrete PressurePump
  • The purpose of Concrete Pressure Pump
  • The capacity of concrete Pressure pump
  • Construction Projects requirements in terms of casting
  • Price and economical factors

Concrete Pump Selection Based on Work

When you want to select the concrete pump it’s selection should based on its working properties, but two primary factors should be considered:

  1. Volumetric Concrete Output
  2. The Pumping Pressure
    • A max pressure concrete pump is perfectly suitable for the construction of big roads and highway projects.
    • A line concrete pump used for pouring on several altitudes, where a confined or limited area is required, a line concrete pump is the best choice.
    • Line concrete pumps may install two or three robotic pump lines that act as a multi-purpose arm because the labor number is quite less.
    • A line concrete pump or a stationary pump is always chosen for the small construction of slabs or. Whenever a small amount of concrete pressure pumping is required, the stationary or line pump is selected.

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