Concrete Production Plant For Sale

Concrete production plant for sale in market is also known as another more famous name, concrete batching plant. As one of the most efficient concrete mixing and producing equipment in modern construction industry, concrete production plant for sale has already been the main power of concrete problem solutions. This article will give you a close look at this series of powerful equipment.

Taking LUTON popular products on the market as examples, the following is a brief introduction to the types, characteristics, general parameters and price range of concrete production plants.

YHZS Mini Mobile Concrete Production Plant For Sale

YHZS is a hot model of LUTON mini mobile concrete production plants. With trailer chassis, YHZS mini concrete production plant for sale can be towed by truck, which is convenient for site transition.

The theoretical producing capacity of YHZS mini mobile concrete production plant for sale is usually less than 75m3/h. So, it is especially suits for small or mini scale concrete projects, like small rural resident house building, factory building, small size construction of water conservancy facilities, small precast concrete factory, road and way projects, bridge and flyover constructions etc.

As the centre of the whole system, the concrete mixer machine JS500 or JS750 is designed with twin horizontal shaft and strong mixing power, which is currently recognized one of the best mixing modes with even and thorough mixing performance.

The system successfully combines computer technology, modern control technology and mechatronics design to realize automatic material weighing with precise measurement and real-time compensation.

small mobile concrete production plant

Hot Model: YHZS25/35/75
Producing Capacity: 25m3/h
Feeding Mode: Hopper Conveyor
Mixing Mode: Twin-shaft Horizontal Mixer JS500/JS750

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Parameter of YHZS Series Mini Mobile Concrete Producing Plant For Sale

Theoretical Productivity25m³/h35m³/h75m³/h
Mixer Discharging500L750L1200L
Aggregate Storage2×6m³2×6m³2×8m³
Aggregate Weighing Capacity1500kg±2%3000kg±2%3000kg±2%
Powder Weighing Capacity500kg±1%500kg±1%500kg±1%
Water Weighing Capacity300kg±1%300kg±1%300kg±1%
Additive Weighing Capacity30kg±1%30kg±1%30kg±1%
Aggregate Size≤80mm≤80mm≤80mm
Electric Control SystemFull AutomaticFull AutomaticFull Automatic
Power Supply380V, 50HZ, 3phase380V, 50HZ, 3phase380V, 50HZ, 3phase
Trailer Speed≤40km/h≤40km/h≤40km/h
Price Range$35,000~$48,000$40,000~$55,000$87,000~$120,000

FHZS Series Flexible Free-Foundation Concrete Production Plant For Sale

FHZS Series free-foundation concrete production plant for sale is another type of concrete batching plant. No need of sturdy and deep foundation, FHZS series concrete production plant just needs a piece of flat and large enough ground with 25cm thick cement bedding.

It is a perfect concrete solution especially suitable for those construction projects with short construction period and strong mobility.

The cables, water channels and gas channels of the flexible foundation-free concrete batching plant are all in the form of quick-plug connectors. And the equipment is simple and quick to install and easy to disassemble.

Therefore, the foundation-free based concrete producing station takes into account the advantages of both stationary and mobile concrete batching plants. It is not only high-quality, productive, but also practical and flexible.

The free-foundation concrete production plant is suitable for construction projects that are frequently transferred, hydropower, roads, bridges, ports and other engineering constructions, as well as concrete construction in the early precast stage of large-scale projects.

Parameter of FHZS25 Series Free-Foundation Concrete Producing Plant For Sale

Max theory productivity25
Storage hopper capacity(m3)0.5
Maximum size of aggregate(mm)60/80
Discharge height(m)1.7-3.8
Charge height(m)2.9
Aggregate measuring accuracy(%)±2
Cement measuring accuracy(%)±1
Fly ash measuring accuracy(%)±1
Water measuring accuracy(%)±1
Additive measuring accuracy(%)±1
Power voltage (V) /frequency (HZ)(optional)AC380/50
Water flow((m3/h)6
Power of supply (kw)46
Area covered (m2) LxW26 x 9

HZS Series Stationary Concrete Production Plant For Sale

HZS series stationary concrete batching plant can be said to be the concrete production equipment system with the most complete functions, the best configurations and the highest performance in the batching plant family.

Not only can it be used in commercial concrete manufacturing, but also in concrete production bases for large-scale construction projects.

Once a fixed station is established, it exists permanently and cannot be moved. Although it is not as flexible as the ground-free base concrete mixing plant and mobile station in terms of high mobility, it also has the advantages of high quality, high yield, stability and reliability, and long service life.

Stationary concrete batching plants are typically used in large and medium-sized concrete applications, including water conservancy, electric power, airport, bridge and other projects with large amount of concrete engineering, long construction period and concentrated construction sites.

Static concrete production plants have a wide range of production capacities, from 25m³to 180m³per hour. Depending on the powerful production capacity, the mixer models are also with broad production capacities. As small as the JS500 with a capacity of 500 liters, all the way up to the JS3000 with a capacity of 3000 liters.

Parameter of HZS Series Stationary Concrete Production Plant For Sale

Theoretical Productivity25m³/h60m³/h90m³/h120m³/h
Mixer ModelJS500JS1000JS1500JS2000
Mixer Discharging500L1000L1500L2000L
Maximum aggregate particle size80/60 mm80/60 mm80/60 mm80/60 mm
Aggregate Storage4.5m3 x 37m3 x 415m3 x 415m3 × 4
Aggregate Weighing Capacity1500L±2%1.5m3 × 4±2%1.33m3 × 4±2%1.5m3 × 4±2%
Powder Weighing Capacity400L±1%600L±1%1000L±1%1000L±1%
Water Weighing Capacity200L±1%300L±1%500L±1%500L±1%
Additive Weighing Capacity15L±1%45L±1%45L±1%45L±1%
Pneumatic SystemAir Compressor
Air Compressor
Air Compressor
Air Compressor
Screw ConveyorCapacityФ219
Powder Silos50t
Welded Type
Dust collector
Welded Type
Dust collector
Welded Type
Dust collector
Welded Type
Dust collector
Electric Control SystemFull Automatic
And Manual
Full Automatic
And Manual
Full Automatic
And Manual
Full Automatic
And Manual

Advantages of Concrete Production Plant For Sale

Whether it is a stationary, free-foundation or mobile concrete production plant for sale, they are all actually a concentrated concrete mixing method. This concentrated concrete mixing method has many advantages:

1.Concentrated mixing of concrete facilitates strict control of the proportion of raw materials of concrete, ensures the quality of concrete, and fundamentally changes the inaccuracy of on-site dispersed mixing and batching.

2.The centralized mixing of concrete is conducive to the use of automation technology, which can greatly improve labor productivity, save labor and reduce costs.

3.Verify the quality of concrete, fundamentally change the inaccuracy of on-site dispersing and mixing ingredients.

4.The centralized mixing of concrete is conducive to the use of automation technology, which can greatly improve labor productivity, save labor and reduce costs.

5.The special centralized concrete batching plant separates the concrete mixing work from the construction site. It is not necessary to occupy the construction site to stack raw materials such as sand, gravel, cement, and install mixing equipment. On the one hand, the site space is saved, and on the other hand, the waste of raw materials is avoided .

How to Choose a Suitable Concrete Production Plant For Sale

When purchasing a concrete production plant for sale, it is necessary to comprehensively consider many relevant factors, and select the best plan based on the budget situation. Then, what problems should be paid attention to

1.The performance label of the construction concrete
The performance label of concrete is related to the selection of mixing host. Such as water conservancy projects, it is necessary to choose a forced mixing host.
The type of material required for concrete mixing determines the type, size and quantity of batching bins and storage bins.

2.Construction tasks and duration
These two parameters determine the output capacity of the selected concrete batching plant. This is also one of the most important parameters for choosing a station type.

When the total amount of concrete to be produced is M and the number of days for concrete pouring is T, the production capacity of the batching plant should be selected as X=M/(T×H×K), where K is the design margin factor.

In addition, in the selection, it is also necessary to consider the conveying method of concrete. Is it pumping or vehicle transportation? Because the volume of the conveying vehicle is also an important basis for determining the model of the batching plant.

belt type concrete plant
belt type concrete plant for sale
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3.Construction environment and construction objects
When purchasing a concrete production plant for sale, the scope of application of the concrete batching plant should fully consider the impact of construction objects and the environment, so as to ensure smooth construction and construction quality.

In addition, it is best to prepare a backup plan to prevent failures that cannot be solved in a short time during the construction process, which may affect the progress of the project and causing economic losses.

Related Recommended Products For Sale

A Favorite For Small-sized Construction Projects– Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

Self loading concrete mixer truck is one of the popular on-site concrete equipment for various small or medium sized construction projects. It integrates multiple functions in one set, including material loading, weighing, mixing, unloading and so on. With a mobile chassis, a self loading mixer truck can walk around on site flexibly.

Saving time, labors and cost, this kind of mixer truck is an economical and practical multiple functional concrete producing equipment which is efficient and easy to operation.

Small but complete, self-loading mixer truck is highly automatized. It is equipped with measuring sensors for material and water, which can accurately measure the weight of the materials, and can simultaneously display all measuring data on the display screen in the cab. A single operation can perform all the mechanic process.

LUTON Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck with wide production capacity range from 1.2m3,1.8m3, 2m3, 2.6m3, 3.5m3, 4.0m3, 5.5m3 to 6.5m3. Adding other different configurations, LUTON products aim to meet all requirement to concrete solution.

The best combination, a self loading mixer truck and a concrete pump

If you are annoyed by concrete conveying problem also for your project, a concrete pump is strongly recommended to you.

This is another modern construction machine with high efficiency and flexible suitability. Various concrete pump types meet different needs of project concrete conveying and can pump concrete materials to almost different areas required.

This combination of self loading concrete mixer truck and concrete pump can help investors save much cost of time, labors and money.

You can choose a suitable pumping machine according to the actual construction situation. If you have special needs, you can also customize exclusive concrete pumping products in LUTON to help your construction project complete efficiently.

a concrete mixer truck with a pump on site

There are lots of LUTON concrete pump types, including concrete pump trailer, truck mounted concrete pump, concrete line pump, concrete boom pump, etc. Multiple options, there must be an ideal model suitable for your construction project.