Who Invented Concrete Pump?

A Concrete Pump is a vital aspect of any construction project because it transports newly mixed concrete from containers to construction site.

Concrete pumps are the most used way of conveying liquid concrete. The advent of the concrete pump has improved the efficiency of construction projects, particularly in high-rise buildings.

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Evolution of Concrete Pump

Concrete pumps have progressed throughout time. Pumps were employed in the early twentieth century to convey liquid concrete from a cement mixer involving wheelbarrows.

As buildings became larger, the big buckets known as skips are used for delivery concrete.

Until the the early 20th century, concrete was mixed on the job site and transported by wheelbarrows or buckets lifted by cranes from a cement mixer. It saves a lot of time and labor. Fritz Hull and Max Giese, two German engineers, came up with the idea of pumping concrete through pipes in 1927.

Over the years, various new concrete pump designs emerged, with the most significant breakthrough being in 1957. It was the first invention of a twin-cylinder hydraulic concrete pump from today well known Friedrich Wilhelm Schwing’s company, Schwing GmbH.

Since then, the speed and height of concrete pumping have been greatly improved to meet the rising height of modern buildings. The special rubber hose at the end can be moved to place the concrete exactly where it is needed.

A modern concrete pump is much more efficient than buckets. Furthermore, the putting hoses enable liquid concrete to be placed precisely where it is required, eliminating the need to disperse or relocate it.

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Future of Concrete Pumps in Modern World

Concrete pumps play a significant role in the construction of high-rise constructions and skyscrapers. Especially in places where traffic is inconvenient and concrete tankers truck can not reach, concrete pumps play an important role in the place, where traffic is inconvenient and concrete tankers truck can not reach.

Modern concrete pumps can pump concrete quicker, lift buckets more easily, and provide a constant flow of concrete. They allow concrete should be poured straight from the laying boom instead of being sloppily moved in a bucket.

Pumping has become increasingly important, especially as the use of ready-mixed concrete has grown around the world. While the ease of pumping is determined by the type of pump available, the distance over which the concrete must be pushed, as well as the concrete’s qualities, among other factors, can influence the operation.

Concrete boom pumps are particularly useful in infrastructure projects such as hydro, airports, metros, flyovers, and bridges, which require massive amounts of concrete in a short amount of time. Concrete pumps are used in both large-scale commercial projects and medium-sized construction sites.

Concrete pumps are developing, from more durable designs to various types, in order to accommodate higher mechanization and fulfil a variety of application requirements.

One of the main drivers of the global concrete pumps market is a rise in infrastructure spending. Another important aspect driving demand for concrete pumps is the country’s rapid urbanization.

who invented concrete pump

Luton Groups’ Concrete Pump

The Luton Group is a renowned concrete pump manufacturer in China, providing a diverse range of high-quality services and materials for concrete pumps. Our concrete pumps have worked on commercial, educational, parking, and other types of building projects, as well as public works projects. We have served many national as well as international projects.

Our new updated models include a high-pressure pump that can pump concrete to heights of 80 to 100 meters. The models have the most up-to-date S-valve technology as well as high-wear-resistant steel components. Starting with a compact, adaptable concrete pump and concluding with the concrete pump with the highest reach and mobility, the new product line covers a wide range of applications.

Concrete pumps are currently constructed in a compact form that allows for easier mobility and user-friendly operation in order to increase productivity and create a homogeneous output mix.

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