JBT30 Concrete Mixer With Pump

JBT30 concrete mixer with pump is a hot model of small concrete mixer pump. With compact structure and high efficient performance, it is especially suitable for small and medium scale constructions.
Just start your investment in construction field? Looking for a small pumping machine for your project? Think about the JBT30 concrete mixer with pump machine.

Brief Introduction of JBT30 Concrete Mixer With Pump

As we all know, concrete mixer with pump integrated concrete mixing and pumping functions in one. Compared with concrete pump without mixing unit, this kind of pump combines a concrete pumping machine and a concrete mixer machine, is a kind of high efficient and cost-efficient concrete machine.

Among them, JBT30 concrete mixer with pump is one of the hottest model in concrete mixer pumps, which can yield concrete 30m3 per hour theoretically.

Small machine of JBT30 concrete mixer with pump performs outstanding especially in dealing with concrete mixing and conveying jobs in small scale construction projects, such as residential construction, sidewalk project as well as swimming pool building, rural road laying small canal construction and so on.
Generally, there are some different types of JBT30 concrete mixer with pump according to different classifications.

First of all, according to engine mode, there are diesel mode and electric mode.

Second, from moving methods, there are trailer-mounted type and truck-mounted type.

Also, there are other types of JBT30 concrete mixer with pump supplied by LUTON GROUP. No matter which types they are, the concrete conveying method is the only one, that is the pipeline method.

It is worth mentioning that in LUTON GROUP, all these types of JBT30 concrete mixer with pump machines can be specially customized according to the actual needs of your project.

Contact us, tell us your needs, and LUTON professional consultants will tailor your own concrete mixing and conveying solutions for your projects.

JBT30 Concrete Mixer With Pump Trailer

JBT30 Concrete Mixer Pump Trailer is installed on a flexible trailer chassis. Benefited from the mobile unit with tires, the whole pump machine can be easily moved around in construction sites, saving more time for sites-transiting.

Model: JBT30-08

Output Capacity: 30m3/h

Power Engine: Electric Engine

Mixer Type: Drum Type

Price Range: $18,000~$21,250

High Efficiency and Stability

Low Cost for Labor and Equipment

Flexible and Convenient

Portable and Accurate

Parameters of Electric JBT30 Concrete Mixer With Pump Trailer

Max. Theoretical. Output (L./H.)m3/h30
Max.Pumping Pressure (H. /L.)MPa8
Distribution Valve Type S Valve
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokemmФ140×1000
Hopper Capacity×Feeding HeightL×mm450×1000
Allowable Maximum Aggregate SizemmPebble: 35Gravel: 40
Max. Conveying DistanceVertically / Horizontallym80/250
Lubrication System Automatic electric lubrication
Remote Control Wireless remote control
Pumping MotorkW37
Mixing MotorkW5.5
Circuit Type Open circuit
Pumping System Hydraulic PressureMPa18
Mixing System Hydraulic PressureMPa12
Capacity Of Oil TankL160

Model: JBT30-08R

Output Capacity: 30m3/h

Power Engine: Diesel Engine

Mixer Type: Drum Type

Price Range: $21,000~$25,000

High Efficiency and Stability

Low Cost for Labor and Equipment

Flexible and Convenient

Portable and Accurate

Parameters of Diesel JBT30 Concrete Mixer Pump Trailer

Max. Theoretical. Output (L./H.)m3/h30
Max.concrete pumping pressure(H. /L.)MPa6
Distribution valve type S Valve
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokemmФ140×1000
Hopper capacity×feeding heightL×mm450×1000
Allowable maximum aggregate sizemmPebble: 35Gravel: 40
Max. Conveying DistanceVertically / Horizontallym100/300
Lubrication System Automatic Electric Lubrication
Remote Control Wireless Remote Control
Rated powerkW56 
Rated speedRPM1800
Circuit type Open Circuit
Displacement of main oil pumpmL63
Pumping PressureMPa16
Mixing PressureMPa12
Capacity of Oil TankL160

JBT30 Concrete Mixer Pump Truck

Truck mounted concrete mixer pump together with trailer mounted concrete mixer pump are called mobile concrete line pump machine.

Actually, a truck mounted concrete mixer pump can reach more construction sites away from long distance. In another way, it covers a broader application range.

With powerful truck chassis and reliable wear-resistant tires, truck mounted concrete mixer pump can easily cope with concrete problems on complex terrains and long-distance work places.

Model: HJBC30

Output Capacity: 30m3/h

Power Engine: Electric / Diesel Engine

Mixer Type: Drum / Twin Shaft Type

High Efficiency and Stability

Economical and Practical

Flexible and Convenient

Powerful and Versatile

Parameters of LUTON Concrete Mixer Pump Truck

Product ModelUnitHJBC30-8-30RDHJBC30-8-37RS
Mixer Type Drum TypeTwin Shaft Type
Max. Theoretical Output Capacitym³/h25-3030
Theoretical Concrete Pumping PressureMpa88
Max. Aggregate Sizemm4040
Max. Theoretical Conveying Distancem70/20070/200
Max. Theoretical Mixing Volumem³/h10-1520-30
Conveying Cylinder SizemmФ200*800Ф200*800
Hopper VolumeL650650
Main Powerkw3037
Generator Set Powerkw100120

Why is JBT30 Concrete Mixer With Pump

JBT30 concrete mixer with pump replaces traditional concrete pump and concrete mixer machine. It integrates the two functions in one set and save cost on purchasing equipment. This cost-efficient machine is favored by most of customers once it comes out.

  • Economical and Practical: Multiple functions in one
  • High Efficient: Mixing and Pumping on site and continuous yield. The efficiency is about 3-4 times that of traditional stationary concrete mixer and pump, which greatly improve the modern construction working speed.
  • Compact and Small: With compact structure and small footprint, it can work on narrow sites which other pumping machine is unavailable.
  • Flexible and Portable: Installed on a mobile unit, it can easily move on site, even can travel to remote projects sites. Save time for transferring construction sites.
  • Stable and Reliable: The main components of LUTON JBT30 Concrete Mixer With Pump adopts the products from leading brands around the world. All these top products ensure the excellent performance of the whole system. And the wear-resistant materials prolong the service life.
  • Easy Operation and Convenient Maintenance: High-level automation makes operation and maintenance easy, no requiring too many labors and operators.

Key parts of LUTON JBT30 Concrete Mixer With Pump

Main parts

  • Engine power is 56KW. Stable quality and long service life.
  • Diesel engine and Oil main pump are from top-level brands at home or abroad.
  • Seal is from USA Parker
  • Stroke switch is Schneider products
  • Hydraulic rubber pipe is from Italy Manuli
  • Relay is OMRON product
  • PLC comes from OMRON
  • Button is also Schneider product

Hydraulic Oil Box

  • Specially used for storage the hydraulic oil
  • Anti-rust paint protects machine surfaces
  • Storage the hydraulic oil when delivery, which can used for around 2 years

Eye board

Hard material alloy, can do 30,000-50,000m3 of work, with longer service life than that of other factory only 3,000-5,000m3.

Hopper circular design

  • No dead corners are hidden, easier to unload;
  • The material of the hopper is high carbon manganese steel

Pump hopper with Vibrator

  • 400L feeding capacity
  • Contains mixing shaft inside hopper and keeps mixing concrete again inside pump hopper.

Gear pump
Double gear pump, one for cooling, one for drive mixing shaft of pump hopper.

S Valve
swing oil cylinder
Swing Cylinder
main oil cylinder
Main Oil Cylinder
electric motor
Electric Motor
feeding hopper
Feeding Hopper
Main Oil Pump
heat dissipation gear oil pump
Gear Pump
valve block
Valve Block

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