What is a Concrete Pump?

What is a concrete pump? Concrete pump is a kind of machinery that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along the pipeline, which is composed of pump body and delivery pipe.

And the concrete pump is mainly used for the concrete transportation in large-scale construction projects such as high-rise buildings, highways and overpasses, which can be divided into piston type, extrusion type and hydraulic diaphragm type according to the structural form.

At present, the use of the piston type concrete pump is the major trend in the construction field.

What is a concrete pump
Concrete Trailer Pumps

Capacity: 30-88m3/h

Concrete Mixer Pump

Capacity: 30-40m3/h

Trucked mounted line pump
Concrete Trailer Pumps

Capacity: 50-100m3/h

4 section concrete boom pump
Concrete Boom Pump

Models: 30m-58m

Piston Concrete Pump

Piston concrete pump includes two types: hydraulic transmission type and mechanical transmission type.

The hydraulic concrete pump is frequently-used but the mechanical transmission concrete pump is rarely seen in the construction project. So the following details are mainly on the introduction to the hydraulic transmission concrete pump.

Hydraulic transmission concrete pump is composed of hopper, hydraulic cylinder and piston, concrete cylinder, distribution valve, Y-shaped pipe, flushing equipment, hydraulic system and power system.

The hydraulic system pushes the piston back and forth under pressure. When the piston moves backward, it sucks the material, and when it pushes forward, it presses the concrete in the concrete cylinder into the conveying pipe through the Y-shaped pipe.

After finishing pumping concrete, it cleans the pump body and delivery pipe with high-pressure water or compressed air.

The displacement of piston concrete pump depends on the number and diameter of concrete cylinder, the reciprocating speed of piston and the volumetric efficiency of concrete cylinder suction and so on.

Structural Characteristics of the Concrete Pump

Electric control system

Fully enclosed electrical control box is adopted to protect control device so that the concrete pump can work under harsh conditions.

The PLC programmable and simplified electrical appliances are adopted, which has significantly improved reliability and service life, and has fault display function that is convenient for troubleshooting.

Hydraulic System

The machine door available to be opened makes it convenient to operation and maintenance the entire system. The door is made by special technology, which can reduce the operation noise. 

Double pump and double circuit open hydraulic system is adopted, which has a long service life and high reliability.

The pumping oil circuit adopts non-contact automatic commutation device and time-delay control device to avoid commutation impact and make commutation accurate, stable and reliable.

The hydraulic system is equipped with overflow protection and overpressure automatic cut-off and closure device so that the main pump can be reliably protected at multiple levels.

And the suction filtration technology is adopted to avoid foreign matters entering the hydraulic circuit, which greatly prolongs the service life of system components while improving the reliability of the system.

Besides, the application of forced air cooling and heat dissipation ensures that the oil temperature is lower than 60 ℃, which can protect the hydraulic components from damage.

what is a concrete pump



Concrete pump price

Small concrete pump

Diesel concrete pump

Electric concrete pump

Operation Precautions of the Concrete Pump

The particle size of sand and gravel, cement grade and mix proportion shall meet the requirements of the mechanical performance of the pump according to the requirements of the factory manual.

The parking brake and locking brake of pumping equipment shall be used at the same time, the tires shall be wedged tightly, the water supply shall be normal, the water tank shall be filled with clean water, there shall be no sundries in the hopper, and the lubrication points shall be lubricated normally.

Bolts of all parts of pumping equipment shall be fastened, pipe joints shall be fastened and sealed, and protective devices shall be complete and reliable.

Before operating each part, adjust the handle, hand wheel, control rod and cock to make them in the correct position. The hydraulic system shall be normal without leakage.

Prepare cleaning pipes, cleaning supplies and other relevant devices. Before operation, lubricate the pipeline with cement mortar prepared as required. And let irrelevant personnel leave the pipeline.

Monitor all kinds of instruments and indicators at any time, and adjust or deal with them in time in case of abnormality.

For example, when the conveying pipe is blocked, the reverse operation should be carried out to return the concrete to the hopper. If necessary, remove the pipe to eliminate the blockage.

When the pumping system is under pressure, opening any transmission pipeline and hydraulic pipeline is prohibited. And the valve of the hydraulic system cannot be adjusted arbitrarily. The accumulator can only be filled with ammonia gas.

After the operation, output all the concrete in the hopper and pipeline, and then clean the pump, hopper and pipeline.

When washing the pipeline with compressed air, people are prohibited from standing within 10m in front of the outlet end of the pipeline, and the washed sand and stone particles and foam rubber should be collected with a metal basket.

The control switches, adjusting handles, hand wheels, control valves and cocks of all parts should be reset. Meanwhile, keep hydraulic system unloaded.

Operation Precautions of the Concrete Boom Pump

The landing leg shall be fully extended and firmly supported before starting the placing boom. The boom can only rotate after raising the support.

And the placing boom shall be extended in sequence. What’s more, using the placing boom to lift or drag objects is strictly prohibited.

When the placing boom is in the full extension state, it is prohibited to move the vehicle body. When it is necessary to move the vehicle body during the operation, the upper placing boom shall be folded and fixed, and the moving speed should not exceed 10km/h.

And the placing boom cannot use the pipeline with a diameter exceeding the required standard. Besides, the installed wheel pipe shall be tied with an anti-falling rope belt.

Recommended Equipment for Concrete Pump

Self loading concrete mixer with pump is a combination of self loading concrete mixer and concrete trailer pump. This combination machine can complete the functions of concrete mixing and conveying, with high efficiency. Self loading concrete mixer has self-loading, auto weighing, mixing and self discharge, which can ensure the precise ratio of concrete, save lobor cost, as well as improve the production efficiency.

self loader concrete mixer truck
high pressure concrete trailer pump

Another recommenced equipment is concrete mixer with diesel or electrical engine, which can mix the concrete. The concrete mixer has advantage of low price.

Mobile Concrete Mixer Machine
Towable concrete pump

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